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More on Tracey Grissom.

Do we have a judicial system that delivers justice and mercy, or punishment and revenge? We all know the answer.

While domestic violence is on our radar today involving the rich, famous and powerful, devastating dramas go on in our courtrooms everyday. Domestic violence and abuse involves millions of Americans every year. Don't we all know, haven't we all seen...and nothing changes. This Grissom story is an example of the escalation of dysfunction in toxic family relationships - and ends with all lives destroyed.

Knowing what follows after it begins, we need zero tolerance and maximum rehabilitation. We know this! But what do we have? What can we do?

A Tracey Grissom Facebook link: http://www.liberatetracey.com/Tracey_Grissom/Home.html

A final news story (for now):


Have you all heard of the Tracey Grissom case?

She was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for gunning down her ex-husband.

According to the News, juror Janice Kelley said Grissom didn't get a fair trial because jurors weren't given the details of the rape and sodomy Grissom allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband.

Strict limitations were in place during the trial to prevent attorneys on both sides of the case from discussing the alleged assault for which Hunter Grissom was charged in 2010. Those rules were lifted during the sentencing hearing, and the Tuscaloosa News reports that Tracey Grissom took the stand and told a packed courtroom about injuries she sustained during the sexual assault.

She said she had permanent rectal and vaginal damage after the alleged rape, and other sources, including a friend and a counselor for victims of domestic violence, said the alleged attack left Grissom scarred both physically and mentally.

The judge gave her just 25 years.



Labor Day Kick Off!

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith:

Happy Labor Day! As President Obama heads to Wisconson today...

to remind us, "there is power in a union!" Always has been, always will be.


"Eat, Prey, Love"

Huff Post has a TED video ultimately addressing one of the most obvious enigmas of DU -- why all the cat threads?

Scientific evidence is mounting...


"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."


We used to have a family tradition in the South which kept it all nice and simple.

The term Yellow Dog Democrat goes back decades to a time when any Democrat would vote for an old yellow dog if it were running on the Democratic ticket. In other words, a true Yellow Dog Democrat would sooner vote for a mutt than a Republican. Such people were once common in the South, virtually locking out Republicans trying to hold any elected office.

Times have changed. Now we have Blue Dogs and the South is Red. You might point out the "Solid South" of the Democratic Party was really the vestiges of a racist exclusionary reaction to the Republican Lincoln and the carpetbaggers who followed. When President Johnson pushed through the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts that eventually changed the South, Johnson commented, "We have lost the South for a generation."

Well, it's time to come home for that next generation. We are still the party of Johnson and certainly represent the values of Lincoln. The southern Republicans in power have demonstrated their contempt for racial and class equality. In the New South, we have a New Democratic Party.

It is time to start to make it nice and simple again.

Alabama Primary Election Runoff & Secret State Constitutional Amendment Tuesday July 15

We have a primary runoff in Alabama!

Forecast participation is around 5% of registered voters. Many counties have no Democratic Party runoff, like my county, Montgomery (where the State Capital is located).

Alabama party crossover rules are interesting in light of the recent Mississippi primary runoff issues. If you voted in the Democratic Primary, you can vote in either party runoff, so even if you don't have a Democratic runoff, you can still influence the results of the Republican runoff. If you voted in the Republican Primary, you are not allowed to crossover, you can only vote in the Republican runoff.

Why would a Democrat vote in the Republican primary or runoff? This may be your only chance to participate in electing your representation. Or, this may be your chance to influence who runs against your Democratic candidate in the November general election. As most Alabamians know, every statewide elected office is now held by a Republican. The State House and Senate is held by super-majority Republican. Our 2 US Senators are Republican. 6 out of 7 US House representatives are Republican.

At the Federal level, Terri Sewell is our only Alabama Democratic representative -- and she is an outstanding voice. She represents the "Black Belt," a Federal Congressional district created to ensure a black (Democratic) representative from Alabama in Washington DC. Which also guarantees Republican (white) representative districts all around.

Alabama is a Red State. What are Democrats to do? Well, ride it out (Republicans will eventually screw it all up) and pick the 'lesser of two evils' in the Republican runoff where there is no Democrat in the general. Or, even more fun, where there is a Democrat in the general, pick the more evil Republican our Democrat has the best chance of beating.

On my Republican ballot for the runoff (I have no Democratic runoff), for Secretary of State, I get to vote against Reese McKinney again, a local Republican small time career politician we voted out last cycle (and voted in a Democratic probate judge Steven Reed who has done an excellent job, by the way). For State Auditor, I get to vote for Dale Peterson, an absolute crazy candidate-for-whatever Republican (he is on YouTube!). Does it really matter if these 2 offices have Democratic opposition in November? Not really. Not this cycle. This is the vote that counts.

In your area of the State, you get to make an informed choice, too.

But most important, vote! Vote for Democrats, vote for bad Republicans, vote for secret Constitutional Amendment snuck in runoff, vote because you are a voter, but vote! This is where big D Democracy hits the road.

And remember -- vote early, and vote often!

Alabama Open Primaries -- Tuesday, June 3, 2014 7 AM to 7 PM

Alabama Democratic Primary. The last 2 election cycles, the Alabama Democratic Party has taken a real shellacking. In 2012, the first time all State offices held by Republicans since Reconstruction. We have a lot of unopposed Democratic candidates who won't be on a ballot until November. Of course, you may have local candidates in your area on the Democratic ballot who may need your vote.

But me and my brood is headed for the Republican ballot. We like to cause a little havoc in the prognostication and pontification of the Republican pundits, if we can. In low voter turnouts, even a small percentage of voters can make a difference.

So if you have a chance to participate in disrupting the Republican vote, make your vote count. You and your's crossover and try to nominate the most crackpot nutcases you can find on your ("their" ballot. Or that Republican who might not be as bad as that other Republican, if worse comes to worst.

For instance, you don't like Gov. 'Mr. Burns' Bentley? Well, check out Stacy Lee George (gun-toting corrections officer) and State lottery proponent! Hate Kay Ivey? Check out Stan Cooke 'and all those rules.'

Give our candidates targets in November! Make your vote count!

And remember -- vote early and vote often!

Hi from yallerdawg!

Thank you for your welcome and 10 post invite to participate in Democratic Underground. You have a great diversity of opinions here, and I hope I can learn and grow.

There are so many expansive and provocative topics, and so many smart and persuasive people, I hope to move forward with you all.

Thank you for being here.
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