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Profile Information

Name: Yui Yoshida
Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California area
Home country: USA
Current location: CA
Member since: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 04:28 AM
Number of posts: 32,554

About Me

Japanese/Hawaiian native born in San Francisco. Dean Democrat. Previous student in Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Yoshida family originally from Miyazaki Japan. Liliko'i family from the big Island of Hawaii, Buddhist: Jodo Shu ("The Pure Land School"). Cannabis User (Medical).Asian music lover! On twitter: @yuiyoshida1987. Favorite movie of all time:Shin Godzilla. Favorite Game: Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne. On IMVU 12 years.

Journal Archives

Jon Stewart Was Summoned to the White House for Something He Said on "The Daily Show"

Cuomo : My 10-year-old knows better than what Trump just said

White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People The Daily Show 4,273,708 viewsJun 29,

love Trevor Noah...

Most of this filmed before the pandemic..

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Rathian hunt Wild Spire Waste

Kana Chan TV: I'm The WWE RAW champion, so give myself an "Arcade1Up"!!!

[That was hilarious!!!!!!!] Let me tell you about my health method!!! /


Hoshi no Mienai Yoru -- Aqua Timez

Asshole Republicans...this woman is gonna get COVID 19... SOON, bet on it.


Trump Interview with Black Anchor Quickly Goes Bad

covid 19 update.

The Disinformation Campaign Has Already Begun For The 2020 Election Deadline MSNBC 738,400 views

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