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What Our Super Delegates Must Consider

It is quite apparent now that neither candidate will garner enough pledged delegates to win the nomination.

That means it is the non-pledged delegates -- those called super delegates --- who will decide who wins the party's nomination.

The big decision is, collectively, theirs.

What the super delegates must think about, between now and when the first vote is taken on the convention floor, is the future of the Democratic Party.

The future of the Democratic Party are young people. When I say young, I mean those citizens who are under 40 years of age.

Global Warming and future clean energy are among the young's chief concerns. One candidate and only one, has been addressing those two issues.

Other issues, such as better educational opportunities, better health care for aging populations, less war and more peace, are other issues that have drawn great interest from the young. Again there is but one candidate that has been seriously addressing those issues.

In consideration of the votes to be cast, our super delegates must consider not only who must live with the consequences of the past political decisions, but also who can best lead the way in government to make decisions that will ensure a better future for the young.

It comes down to this; Electing a president who will bring new ideas and new people into government, or picking someone who represents the past, same old, same old politics.
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