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Lazy voters like Hillary

Voters that don't want to become educated and voters that just want to mark a ballot and forget about the rest are Hillary voters.

Voters that want to see politics reformed and revamped, beginning with campaign finance favor Bernie.

Voters that are alarmed about environmental matters are Bernie voters.

Lazy voters know the name Clinton and that's about all they want to know.

Karma, as we saw from the bush years and the lazy voters that allowed him a chance, that karma came in the depression and financial collapse and so many deaths and waste of dollars on war.

Lazy voters will reap what they sow, again,

I am proud of the Bernie voters. We actually care about the future and everybody and the planet.

But we are few. Lazy voters outnumber us and they are led by the nose via the media who love them as their sheep.

Sad case America has become.

An Interesting Day in Politics: 3/11

On the one hand the followers of the HillTeam were making excuses for Hill because she once again managed to piss off another minority while buttering up the republicans. The excuses flowed and flowed even after Hill herself was forced to make a semblance of an apology.

Then, later that same day, the HillTeam followers were expressing how awful it was that Bernie people were involved in protesting Trump and managing to put Trump in his place like no one has yet done.

It must be awful to be jerked around like that, buffeted by their own on the one side and made to look useless on the other.
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