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Bernie: He's not an Obama. He's the Real Deal

We have a real Hope for Change in voting for Bernie.

Obama was pretty much an unknown. Bernie Sanders has a long history of fighting for Change and Hope for everyman.

He is in it to win, and win we will.

For anti-nuke, pro-environment posts

The website ENEnews.com is the place to go.

Almost daily is posted a new, properly linked mainstream news report about Fukushima, and the environment of the North Pacific.

Then posters, such as yourself, are encouraged to make comments. There is an amazing cadre of educated and informed and aware members there. And an occasional pro-nuke person logs in to debate the old time posters there and losses badly. But it does make for interesting reading as those pro-nuke people do draw out pertinent information from those debating him/her.

A word of caution: The news about Fukushima and the Pacific is not good news.
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