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Nothing has happened to me, NuclearDem

Except for getting dosed from Fukushima, and the pacific ocean getting polluted, I'm having a great life, and a good time on DU.

You make it sound like you matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are nothing compared to the nuke pollution. The only thing you have done is kicked my threads so more people can read them. I guess you did help?

This one has 32 recs. Thanks.

You make it sound so cool, FB

But the evidence is.........

They can't even get in to where the cores have melted. They have sent robots in and the robots melt.

"Cores are not hot" "fuel rods take five years to cool down", you say. Contradictions from you, again.

You claim this about reactors: "....active reactor uses hundreds of thousands of gallons per minute to cool the core".

Heh. Three reactors were running when the place blew up. So, in the first few hours when they had no water, the fission went out of control. And blew.

Thanks, you just proved that fission was out of control, and that in order to cool the cores down over the next ten days they would have used millions and millions of gallons of water. Water which flowed out of the 3 destroyed core containments and into the Pacific. And has been flowing for 3 years now.

Good gawd man, do you even read what you write?

Nuke industry is known for lies

The industry is big money. A plant cost billions to build and generates many more billions in revenue. Too, they create plutonium which is used in weapons, so there is that evil deeply entrenched in the industry.

There is a reason above ground nuclear weapon testing was halted. Because the science said that radiation was killing life on the planet.

As you have read here, the Pacific was clearly radiated many years ago. Testing was halted in the 70's and that radiation has just about been dispersed around the world. Now, with Chernobyl and Fukushima, much more radiation has been introduced to our atmosphere. And, like the WHOI has claimed, Fukushima is unprecedented and is great cause for concern when it comes to life in the Pacific.
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