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Snooper 2 is usually against violence

But in this case snooper is all for violence. Especially way far away from him, on other people.

"...arrest/shoot anybody..."

Isn't expressing a desire to commit violence on people against DU's TOS? If not, it should be. That wanton desire needs to be banned from display here. Peace demands such.

Change of thinking comes to Nuclear Power Plant Owners

The previous thinking was that no nuclear power plant could blow up.

So there were no plans for what happens when a nuke plant did blow up. There were no plans in place that would cover how to gather nuclear contamination and how to seal off an exploded, smoking, dangerous plant.

Since Fukushima that thinking has been discarded. Forced with the reality that it could happen again, any day now, owners of these ticking time bombs are looking at reality of Fukushima's paltry cleanup efforts, and finally thinking ahead to that awful day when another one bites the dust and blows sky-high.

Are you ready? Do you have plans to run away like 160,000 people around Fukushima have done - maybe never to return?

Nuclear Power Plans for More Disasters

The nuclear people now realize that their big power plants are not safe from catastrophic failures. They have come to this conclusion after seeing three plants explode in the last 35 years.

So instead of planning that there will be no more exploding power plants, they have decided to begin planning how to clean up the mess when it happens.

This is a real turn of events for the nuclear industry. In the past all claims were that the plants were safe; that the nuclear facilities would not get out of control and blow sky-high.

I guess they figure there is some real money to be made in the clean ups? After all, estimates of the cleanup at Fukushima are now estimated to be in the ball park of one trillion dollars.

Just think of exploding power plants as job creation, and it's all good?
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