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Starfish dying in the NW Pacific

The link below goes to a thread I started last January.


This is a copy of that OP:

We've all heard about how the starfish have been dying in the waters in the NW Pacific Ocean. Divers claim to have seen them melt away right before their eyes. Melting is what happens when a starfish dies. So what is making the starfish die? No one seems to know. So I have done a bit of research and in the following posts will share that research with you.

In summary, starfish are known to be an 'keystone' specie. That means starfish populations have direct effects on other species in the starfish habitat. Starfish are fairly unique in that they can regenerate parts of their bodies. How they do that is not exactly clear. But in that sense they are very special.

Starfish eat many things. Mostly bottom dwelling things. Like mussels. It has been discovered that if starfish are removed from some locations, mussel populations explode. It has been discovered that mussels near Alaska have very high concentrations of radioisotopes. When starfish eat these mussels, the radioisotopes then are in the starfish. That is known as moving up the food chain.

How do mussels get the plutonium in them? Mussels are filter feeders. Mussels feed by filtering water and taking suspended solids from that water. Plutonium, and other heavy metals drift to the bottom where the mussels are, and the mussels, in their feeding, filter out the plutonium which ends up in the mussel's meat which the starfish eat.

Conclusion: Atmospheric deposition of radioisotopes from Fukushima is established. Plutonium from Fukushima has been found in mussels in the NW Pacific. Starfish eat mussels. Starfish are dying and causing researchers great alarm. It is possible that plutonium is killing the starfish.

Since you asked

Having been in at the grassroots and for a brief time a leader in several short term movements, and a many hour volunteer in a party office, and around more than a few elected politicians, I have a fairly unique take on what playing a part in democracy entails.

You have to be willing to be beat down and rise again. You have to take the losses as an education. Learn from each mistake. Make sure of what it is you are asking people to do, and take all the help you can get.

It means hours at meetings. It means facing opponents with respect - when they deserve it - and smashing them when you can.

It means helping leaders lead, and doing grunt work, and kissing some ass. You must overlook the faults and mistakes of others on your team and work to get them to get with the program.

My view on what to do tomorrow, were I still active, would be to find new local party leadership material and work with them to build an organization that is inclusive and makes good use - real good use - of volunteers time.

No paper records of your votes, Orrex?

And you are just now wondering about all this fraud?

This is exactly how they get away with the fraud... people like you wondering, wondering, wondering, and not doing one thing to stop it. Take a bow, you wonderer you, they love you who wonder, wonder, wonder and fail to act to preserve your own vote.

You even expose yourself by wondering, and I quote: "If they're committing fraud" WTF is this "If"? Where have you been? There have been thousands of posts on DU detailing the fraud and you actually have the gall to say "If they're committing fraud"?

Yeah, what is your intent, Orrex?
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