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Kris, the gig is up, man. Pam has exposed us.

I posted this in that Meta thread just a few minutes ago. And figured I best tell you that it's over. Hey, it was fun, right? Scaring everybody about radiation. We done good tho. Here's the post, verbatim:

Damn, Pam, You got us figured out!

Of course there is nothing to worry about when nuke plants blow to smithereens like Fukushima. Never was.

We crazy anti-nukes were just laughing our asses off. We caused the nuke industry to take all those expensive measures to control radiation. We cost them big big bucks.

Bwahahaha! We are such evil bastards. It's our fault all those people have been evacuated from around Chernobyl and Fukushima. We are the reason why the US Navy turned and ran from Fukushima. All because we scared them! The EPA was on to us tho... they shut down all the air monitors and that kept us from scaring even mo' better.

You got us Pam. We have been discovered. We have been lying all this time, We almost had people convinced radiation will mess up their day.

Damn, thwarted. Next thing you know it will be revealed that nuke dirty bombs were just a scare tactic invented by us to make money. You will be the nuke industry hero when all this makes the news.

Puke icon goes here >>>>>

They knew it all?

They knew Fukushima was gonna blow up and they never said anything? I never once heard the NRC warning about the imminent danger of Fukushima. Not once.

So... they sat there, knowing it all, and then once it happened have been covering up. You do realize you just incriminated all those people who knew it all and let it happen.

Nothing about costs too much

All it says is that Duke tried it and now it is not using MOX. So, you're not done yet.

Oh, and where are these other reactors using MOX?

And about #3 core. Have they got a camera in there yet? Has Tepco even examined #3 core? Not as far as I know, so how can anyone be making a claim as to what happened with the #3 core? Claiming, as you do that "... they knew already that MOX didn't have a thing to do with the #3 explosion..." is quite a bold statement without any science to back it up.

There has never been an explosion of the scale of #3, and the core has not been examined, so no one knows what happened.

So, find the COST statement and then find the core examination claims and you're good to go. You really have made some bold claims here. Unfounded, and non-science based, bold claims coupled with personal attacks. Hmmmm, what could that possibly mean?
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