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Quit yer dreaming, FBaggins

It really makes you look..... not so smart.

Water is a solvent. Water destroys rocks, concrete too. Add in the rads and the movement and the physics of erosion, and you end up with problems. Really, I have to be the one to remind you of such elemental facts?

The buildings were damaged by the earthquakes. Now ground water is flowing into the basements, and water from above that is used to cool the cores is adding to the amounts flowing into and out of the basements. And that is becoming a big problem. Even Tepco admits these facts.

Solve a lot of $$ problems

If the rich want to horde that money, they have to pay a tax.

If they spend it by paying fair wages to the workers they won't pay much tax. What happens in that case is the workers pay most taxes.

A $15 min wage, and 15% tax on horded, unspent money, and things will be more fair and balanced.
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