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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,683

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You can tell he's innocent, coz of how well he's doing not releasing all the info that proves

how innocent he is.

Nazi turd, moron.

Usually, he's blubbering. But it sounds like he's just whimpering, here. rec, nt.

He's sneaky, but sadly, also super stupid.

Always was.

Blubber away, shitler.

Guess you can do anything in Ukraine with enough money. lol.

That sure sounds like the Rump team is concerned about fighting against corruption in Ukraine.

Maronites, in the West Syriac rite, 4th biggest group of Roman Catholics.

There are 6 Rites in the RC church. Alexandrian, Armenian, Byzantine, East Syriac, Latin, West Syriac. Particular churches within the 6 rites are declared to be 'sui iuris', the pope has the final say, but the churches in the different rites have their own hierarchies with authority over the particulars of their faith and structure of the church, internally.

I can't link it with this computer, but the wiki heading is 'Catholic_particular_churches_and_liturgical_rites'.

Clerical celibacy is not strictly required for Maronite priests outside of North America. Due to a long term understanding with their Latin counterparts in North America, Maronite priests in that area have traditionally remained celibate.

He's schizo. Half the time he bellows threats of war, the other half

he blubbers about not getting the Nobel he deserves.

Basket case.

A.M. Joy posted the transcript of Rump's '16 interview with wing nut 'journalist' Hugh Hewitt.

In it, Rump was asked specifically about what he thought about Soleimani. Rump knew zero about him, asked for some hints. The interviewer said he heads the Quds forces. Rump said 'It's terrible how the Kurds are treated', and the guy corrects him and says 'The Iranian Quds forces.' Then Rump doesn't answer the question about Soleimani, just repeats 'oh, I thought you said the Kurds'. So he made sure to not admit he knew zero about Soleimani, but also made sure he didn't show he learned anything about Soleimani. Who happened to be a very bad Iranian guy that also was one of the most effective opponents of ISIL and Al Qaeda.

We see how 'terrible' he feels about how the Kurds are treated. He pulled our troops away from the areas they were in, to let them get slaughtered. He pulled our troops out because he is 'sick of endless wars in the middle east'. One of his flunkies just suggested that the Kurds will be on our side in a fight with Iran, to boot -- the Kurds Rump just got done abandoning to slaughter.

He's sick of endless wars in the middle east, so he destabilized Iraq and threatens war with Iran.

He's the embodiement of pee pee the frog fans' 'feels good' mantra. What makes you believe he ever bothered to learn anything about Soleimani after he became Prez, since he made sure to learn nothing when he was asking for our votes? He does everything because it feels good for him to do it, and what feels good to him is destroying things, attacking, killing, breaking down, punishing, unleashing his 'powerful' wrath. Working, learning, knowing anything doesn't feel good to him, so he doesn't bother doing those things.

A stopped clock with 2 broken off hands is right zero times a day. Rump's mind is like a cuckoo clock in hell.

Pompeo operating an Office of Special Plans?

Yeah, it's the Dems' fault. All Rump's enemies, who constantly try to keep him from acting criminal

and evil, they're to blame for him acting criminal and evil.

Fuck off, commies.
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