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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,695

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Not his job. He's just in charge of KAGA ing.

Someone else is in charge of foreign and domestic.

Repuglinazi birchers. The most unAmerican thing to come down the pike since the 3rd reich.

The Sec of Ed's brother pulling intel ops against the Teacher's Union, in her (and his) home state.

Business as usual for the Rump admin.

Put a birther in as Chief of Staff, eh?

That's odd, coz of how Rump said in the '16 campaign, that Hillary started the birther movement, and he ended it.

Rump thinks the taliban are a ok, but don't get him started on those terrorist American Moslems

in NJ.

tRump blubbers.

Here's one from TexTowelie, 12/2016:

Sanctioned Russian accused in U.S. election hacking is under indictment in Pittsburgh

Nothing about Brady, but they were able to indict Bogachev here with some innovative court ordered online search warrants.

Everything he feels like doing, wants to do, he thinks is 'in the public interest', he says.

If he says he thinks it's in the public interest, that's good enough for the repugs. After all, he never says anything that isn't true.

I'm in Allegheny, but have worked in Greene, Westmoreland.

We could claim 6 to 9 counties under the west PA end of the 'T', in past elections. That changed in the last few presidential elections, but I'm not writing our people off there. The repugs didn't, or those counties wouldn't currently be 'red'.

Also, you're missing the point of this game the repugs are playing, Freedom. The idea is to insouciantly tell other parts of America to seceed from their lawfully elected governments, and join your territory which shares borders with them. The former 'Dem' is telling people under a new Dem governor to seceed, so I'm telling the former 'Dem's' people to join our Dem gov.

Repug nazi gaslight doublethink psyop b.s.

Blubbering about how upset they are coz they were unfairly attacked by being falsely accused of making threats, then immediately doing what they're accused of, threatening and attacking.

So they're always appearing, in their own minds, to be on the attack. When they're issuing threats as an attack, and when they're blubbering about how dare we falsely accuse them of issuing threats as an attack. The blubbering is another attack.

That kind of crappy murder mouthing that cowards engage in, when they're trying to figure out if they actually want to start a fight. The coward has to be sure he'll win, before he starts the fight.

Standard repuglinazi fare, a rich powerful rightie white guy crying about how unfair everyone and everything is to them.

What's all this I hear about 'lawyer lawsuits'?

Uh, Emily, Emily, the editorial was on 'FOIA Lawsuits', 'FOIA', not 'lawyer'.

Oh, that's quite different. Nevermind.
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