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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,297

Journal Archives

I ain't watching the Republican Liar's Festival

I'm sure that the snippets on tonight's news will be more than enough to disgust me. How some of you DUers can watch that crap is beyond my comprehension. You must have stronger stomachs than me.

Kerry fact checks Trump's lies about the Iranian nuclear deal.

Kerry is so pissed about Trump's blatant lies. And so was I after watching this on "Last Word." Everyone should watch this and make it go viral.


Donny Dimwit

That's what I'll call Trump from now on. I read that as a child, his nickname was Donny Dimwit. It's not hard to surmise that he had ADHD and probably dyslexia, making it almost impossible to keep up academically with the other kids. Being the class awkward and stupid kid, he must have endured deep insecurity that fueled tremendous rage. We know that his parents shipped him off to military school, because they couldn't control his rages, acting out, lying, etc. Is it any wonder that at an early age, he lost all empathy for others? It's really rather sad. He has no business being POTUS. And still the GOP protects and enables him.

In my book, the GOP enablers are the real evil, because they certainly know better.

From today's perspective, it seems pointless and impossible

for any admin after Trump to ever again open talks and negotiations with Iran about anything. After pulling out of the Obama Iran deal, our various strikes and assassinations, America simply cannot be trusted. How do we ever regain trust again? I am so ashamed of my country.

The $80M bounty on Trump's head will stand until he drops dead.

Even after he leaves office (and yes, one day there will be another POTUS), neither he nor his family will be safe. I know the the SS protects ex-Prez, I think for about 10 years. But even so, the Iranians are pretty pissed. God, I'm glad that I'm not Donald Trump.

I don't get it! How can Republicans face their children

GOP congress critter after critter stood and denied that Trump did anything wrong, that impeachment was a Dem plot, that Dems were duplicitous and unfair, that impeachment was a long-planned coup. Lie after lie after lie. And I suspect they knew perfectly well that they were lying. I simply don't get how a normal human being could so despicable. So I guess they are all just sociopaths. I swear they are all just Fascists.

A serious impeachment question

If only one of the impeachment articles receives enough votes, would that remove Trump from office? Or do both articles have to pass?

Trump's Intl appearances just get worse and worse

ever more ridiculous and embarrassing for us. What an asshole! Shame on his mommy and daddy for never ever teaching him even the bare minimum of manners and congeniality.

What is the "deep state?"

The deep state is our government with all its laws and regulations about what is allowed by individuals and corporations. But if you are an Ayn Rand capitalist, or a corporate monopolist, or a selfish libertarian, or a greedy no taxes-no safety net-no unions, or a white supremacist intent on suppressing the vote, or a Dominionist fundamentalist, or a Catholic opus dei member, then maybe you think laws and regulations and equal justice and opportunity under the law shouldn't apply to you.

Maybe you think that your religious beliefs should be taught in public schools, or you should be free to dump your coal ash and industrial waste into whatever stream, river, lake, or ocean is most convenient.

Can someone please explain Barr to me -- seriously

I understand Trump. He's a criminal con artist in debt to the Russian mob. But what does Barr get out of his treason? Is Barr a Dominionist, who wants to install a Christian Taliban government?
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