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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,297

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How easy it is to control and manipulate people

I've been watching "Wild Wild Country" on Netflix. I encourage everyone to do the same. It is about the Rajneesh cult in Oregon in the 1980s, and how it tried to take over a town and a county. In the 1970s, I had my own experience of cults in Calif. I lived in San Francisco, during the Jim Jones cult, although I was never a part of it. There were many cults tho'- one behind every tree it seems. And they aren't any different than the cult of Trump, or the cult of Nazi Hitler.

It seems we humans like to be a member of a tribe. I guess that it's in our ape DNA. The rallys to confirm that our choice to be in this tribe, rather than that tribe, are the right choice, and that we are special and better and right. Whereas those people in that tribe over there are inferior, and wrong, and detestable. The line between a tribe and a mob is tissue thin. Play on ignorant people's emotions just a little bit. Make them prove that they are more dedicated to the cult than anyone else. And it becomes very easy to get them to believe lies, close their eyes and ears to facts, vent their anger in violent acts. Our egos get all entwined with identifying with the cult. So any crack or tarnish in the perfection and righteousness of the cult is a personal ego reduction. And the death of a fabricated imaginary ego cannot be tolerated.

We don't get much education about our emotions, how they arise and fall, how they exist, how to manage and deal with them. So we have an emotionally how-of-control president pulling the emotional strings of his followers. And they are so easy to manipulate, because accepting facts means their dear leader is an ignorant evil asshole. And then what would that make them? Accepting that a fabricated ego entwined and enmeshed with a cult is a big fat delusion cannot be tolerated.

When the Rajneeshies in Oregon fell apart, and it came out that their leader had poisoned a town of 700 people with salmonella and tried to murder a US attorney and the Attorney General of OR and god knows who else, the cult followers got a big fat taste of the disillusionment and sorrow that they had been ignorant of the delusion that they had been living.

And that is exactly what it will take to begin to crack and tarnish the cult of Trump. We must shove all the Trump crimes that Mueller discloses into the faces of the Trump followers.

Trump let the cat out of the bag

"They step one infoot inside the border, and they ask, 'Do you want to register?' "

So very afraid that immigrants will attain citizenship and then register to vote.

Turned off his speech to the cabinet. His bullshit just never ends. I mean really!

Pathetic lie that child sex traffikers are making a fortune. His for-profit kiddee prisons are doing well also.

I had to mute the volume, else I'll get angry and call him an asshole stumble-bum. Definitely a bum.

What's under all of it

The fear - the knowledge - that if brown people immigrate into the US and achieve citizenship and/or birth children while in the US; the majority of those brown people will not register as Republicans. They will vote to raise taxes on the rich, raise worker wages, increase funding for healthcare, education, worker rights, the social safety net.

No matter what, logic says that brown and black people cannot be held down and back forever.

Consider this

population of the US is 320M
population of China is 1.37B
population of India 1.32B

Defeat American Neo-Fascism

As a Buddhist, I am sorely challenged to not hate the evil vile cruel stupid policies of the Neo-Fascists among us. The cowardly Republicans. The stupid hateful bigoted racists. And at the same time, as a Buddhist, compassion compels me to resist and to work in my own way to defeat them. Every day, we must call it what it is - Fascism. No more using more gentle terms, like "authoritarian." No more saying that they are "not factual." The truth is: they knowingly lie, and their lies become more brazen every day.

Morn Joe spends entire show on Trump's child kidnappings

Mika spends her whole show outraged over the Trump Fascist policy of kidnapping children and holding them as extorsion to get congress to fund his wall. Repeatedly calling him a liar. Refusing to allow any Republicans to come on her show and tell lies.

But she hasn't yet called them Neo-Fascists. That's what I want to see. More and more media labeling them as Fascists.


It is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution

Separating children from their parents is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution.

The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment's Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause also applies to the states.

Well the good news is that Trump is a liar

He will promise the moon and deliver nothing but grief. So just as he tells us hyperbolic lies, we have to remember that he will tell Kim whatever lies seem excellent in the moment. Trump's promises to Kim are just as worthless as his agreements to the G7 and his promises that Mexico will build the wall, or that he will provide healthcare that is better and cheaper than Obamacare.

Only he can fix it! Right?

I feel much better now, knowing that his agreements to Kim are worthless.

No war games in south Korea?

That's what the Asshole said. Gosh we can save soooo much money. He just decided that on a whim. Didn't bother to consult with South Korea or Japan or his own military chiefs or his own Defense Director. Nope, no need to consult with anyone, because only he can fix things.

To me, this is the most frightening outcome of this fiasco. The Japanese must be seething this morning.

It's to be expected from a man with no moral compass

It's to be expected. No surprise at all. A man, who sits by idly allowing children to be taken from their mother's arms and then locked up in dog cages. That he could hypocritically defend the flag and then display it repeatedly next to the North Korean flag. That he could come out and tell us of his great success making a good relationship with a murderous tyrant.

We were recently asking "where is the bottom? To what depths will he stoop?" Sadly there is no bottom.

And sadly for us, the world has seen this movie before, when 2 tyrants form a mutual admiration society.

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