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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,297

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Malcolm Nance for the win


I am filled with glee that Trump has been excoriated all day and all night

from every quarter -- even Fox News for god's sake -- for being such a disgusting degenerate loathsome POS. He has jumped the shark with his disrespect towards our military heros. He can't get out from under this one. No amount of lies or denials will be believed. He will go down in history as the worst ever POS to ever sit in the WH. With Trump, there is no bottom.

I simply don't know what else to say.

Even as a long time peace-nik, I'm appalled at Trump's disrespect towards the military

While I don't denigrate our military and vets, who served, I have taken issue and demonstrated against various administrations, who sent our troops off to fight senseless wars.

Trump doesn't even have the decency, the self-discipline, to keep his opinions about suckers and losers to himself. He has no awareness of how others see him, or how hurtful his words are. Nor does he much care. A completely degenerate, vile, disgusting stupid --
really really stupid man.

I am reminded of how very careful Obama was with his public statements. In press conferences, I could see him pause in mid-sentence to find just the right word or phrase. Trump cannot find the right words because 1) he doesn't care if he offends you, 2) his brain is half-fried and can't find the right words, 3) he wants to insult us and agitate our anger to see what he can get away with.

Well I'll tell you what, he definitely jumped the shark with this one.

I peeked a few times at the Trump Fest and Covid Super-Spreader

More than a few seconds per peek was about all I could tolerate. The blatant lies that Biden, if elected, will destroy all the good jobs, and will let scarey black people move into my neighborhood. Good grief! Such lies and ignorance. The whole Republican Trumpestan Ugly party has outdone Nazi Goebbels Big Lie propaganda machine.

I can only hope that come Jan 2021, the new AG will establish an independent criminal investigation of the entire Trump criminal enterprise. Every elected official, who attended that disgusting exhibit tonight needs to be prosecuted for violating the Hatch Act. And that's just for starters.

The post office is NOT a for-profit business

Although Republicans think it should be run like a for-profit business. The post office was never conceived to be a for-profit business. It is a SERVICE. It is the only agency mentioned in the constitution, Article I. Ben Franklin was the first postmaster general.

We don't run the army or the navy as for-profit businesses. We don't run the FDA, FBI, OSHA, or national parks as for-profit businesses. So the next time, someone says the post office loses money and should be run like a for-profit business, please correct them that it is a SERVICE. That's why it's called the United States Postal SERVICE!

A battle for the soul of America

That really resonates with me. I am so heart sick of the degenerate, corrupt, greedy, lying, theiving Trump and his Republican enablers, and that includes all the red neck racists, gun nuts, and holier-than-thou Evangelicals. It has just seemed to me that America YEARNS for a renaissance in integrity, ethical morality, kindness, and fairness in our elected officials.

That is what the Biden-Harris ticket means to me. A return to decency and personal integrity.

Assuming that Pence does NOT drop out of a debate with Harris ---

Not a given that he will debate her. I can't wait for him to make his first condescending, minimizing sexist remark. What does he have to offer? The greatest explosion of the deficit, horrible unemployment, worst pandemic in 100 years, little kids in cages, No Wall, No Healthcare plan that's better & cheaper.

What has he got? What are his accomplishments?

Since she sits on the intelligence committee, she must have a dump truck of dirt on them that she can't publicly talk about. Oh my! I really really hope that Pence debates her.

How long before he digs up Reagan's welfare queen, driving a Cadillac?

Maybe he'll run a Willie Horton ad too. The next 80+ days will see tons of fear-mongering from Fort Trumpistan.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Team Biden-Harris will offer a POSITIVE VISION, that will inspire us and offer hope and change once again. All their racist dog whistles will get called out and RIDICULED by all of us on Team Biden-Harris. I'm already planning to pop a champaign cork, when Team Biden-Harris gets sworn in.

Well I'm jazzed about Kamela

So looking forward to the VP debate, where she will chew up Pence and spit him out. Checked out Faux news, where they didn't waste any time calling her a VICIOUS attacker. Woo-woo! Woof-Woof! Are they scared, or what?

Ya think Kamela is licking her chops to debate Pence?

Do you think Trump will ever get prosecuted, convicted, and do jail time after he leaves office?

I can think of a whole host of crimes, federal and state, which he probably committed and for which he deserves punishment. Do you think that America has the stomach to prosecute a former POTUS? Personally, I think that he needs to be made an example of no one is above the law, and corrupt venal politicians will not be tolerated.
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