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This part at the link says it all for me:

Ted Cruz threw the word liberty around a lot during his speech, but it is clear that when he speaks about liberty he doesn’t mean freedom for all. Cruz like the rest of his Republican colleagues is most concerned about liberty for millionaires and corporations.

The Republican definition of liberty remains straight out of the show Mad Men. Rich white males have all the liberty, and the rest of the country is a blind spot to be ignored.

The whole GOP is Ron Paul:

Well, uh...

As far as the symbiotic argument is concerned, I realized there was something else going on.

For example people won't answer a post unless the title is oppositional. The point argued is irrelevant. The video is perfect.

I realized it is a game we are playing:

We are playing a game of intellect and emotion. If one steps outside the game for a moment, one sees there is a choice. Life on Earth is composed of such passions.

If we, as some believe, choose to be here, it is because we love it or have unfinished business. I've joked with people I've opposed that I'd be back in another life:

This. Is. Not. Over!

We seem to enjoy as opposites, love and hate, good and evil, and don't want to leave. It's said holding onto something painful, such as a death, we are holding on to the only thing we have left. So we continue to lick the wound and gnaw at it to feel it again. Gibran said:

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

It one leaves the game, it is an exercise. We will convince ourselves of the meaning. Our hearts pick which side we will be on.

But it is a choice for many although for some, the need to survive to keep playing some kind of game persists. We seem to be data collecting avatars at some times.

I recall when that concept was put forward to me, it was an aggravating one. If we are tools of a universal computer, consciousness is trapped inside a game.

Another version is in the scriptures saying we are but clay on the divine potter's wheel, which he discards and reforms at his will, not ours. That is humbling, disabling.

To join the game, we may not give ourselves power to be in control. The most bizarre are the memes that take in thousands of years of history as a plot against humankind. These get complex and can be appealing and frightening. At times I think the ones selling them are the ones who're really part of that. In any case, they give energy and power to it.

Like this strange musical video that is the opposite of your rational video:

Anything to keep the game going. So just what are we, anyway? Does it matter in this brief time we have here?

Khalil Gibran also said, and those who are able to get close to nature should:

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

I'm speaking solely of the internet and not real life struggles offline, though. They are not a game. For they deal with the most valuable thing, life.


Learn something new daily at DU. No idea a person was carrying radiation after tests like these.

I've had thyroid nuking, dentist x-rays, spinal and head scans, even one for a vein that took about an hour. Not one warned of residual radiation.

Better check every place out for radiation, so that was a good thing there in the OP by security. A 'dirty bomb' comes to mind and is reportedly wanted by those who can't afford to create a thermonuclear device. But bombing a nuclear power plant or any source of radioactive material is also something low-tech that they would use. They don't care about half life or environmental or human costs from such destruction.

(It's the half life of nuclear waste that mattered to me and others resisting the building of nuclear power plants. Because when a substance is created that is dangerous for longer than most nation states have ever existed, even in the short terms, it would create a less democratic world. The necessary level of security would entail the enforcement of a police state. For a good reason, but in the end, it still would not be able to do enough. And the folly would last longer than our civilization. It is the reason for the WC and radiological treaties; they threaten future innocent generations and life sustaining ecosystems.)

There are radon detectors for homes to detect gases under the land of homes that harm families over the long term. Radiation is released from mining for uranium, nuke depots, plants, etc. They are said to have a short half life or not the kind of radiation that penetrates things well enough to be dangerous. It is troubling, although perhaps not to a scientist, who can rate dangers in radioactive material better.

Now a Canadian mining company is going to mine for uranium in the Grand Canyon that might pollute the underwater aquifers. As reported on DU. We would like to think that the best science is going to be observed by the companies involved to protect the environment. The record does not reflect that, it shows that they count on taking the money and running off when things go wrong.

There's always a natural dose of 'background radiation,' IIRC. Some have mentioned granite counter tops in homes are a source of radiation. And most igneous rocks and many plants contain some radiation naturally.

And thanks for posting this thought provoking OP.

Googling around, I found that Josh has 3 kids with another one the way. But looking for women on

Ashley Madison on two, count 'em, two accounts after reading it at DU.

I wanted to see his wife, to see was going on, if she looked as crazy as him. For all we know, she approved of the affairs?

Instead I found an elegant picture good enough for a movie, of Josh's sister, Jill Duggar, marrying a young man, Derick Dillard:

EXCLUSIVE: Jill Duggar wedding mystery solved: 'We thought it was odd - everyone in Josh's family served in some position in the wedding party but he was left out. Now it makes sense,' guest reveals

Josh Duggar, 27, has admitted to fondling five underage girls under the Duggar roof when he was 14

He was not asked to be a groomsman at his sister Jill's wedding to Derick Dillard

But Josh's wife Anna was a bridesmaid, niece Mackynzie a flower girl and nephew Michael the ring bearer

Jessa did not ask anyone in Josh's immediate family to be in her wedding party when she married Ben Seewald.

Yeah, I know, it's the Mail:


Always one of the first search results with all the pictures/stories 'fit to print' and a few you have to apply brain bleach for.

It appears there are some schisms in the family, but not enough to impoverish any of these characters. I wonder if Derick knows what he's getting into, even though doubtless he knows about the millions the family must have. Nice clothes, there.

Better check and see if she developed an opposable thumb. It's their master plan:

Now we'll know who's to blame!

From the interview, the direction the talk was talking is that it is a white problem.

Which is true, and she jumped straight to that solution. She is right as white people aredoing the violence to black people, and the BLM people agreed with that.

There is no need for a white person to tell black people how to manage their protests, and she didn't chide them as others have. White people need to be confronted to manage their knee jerk response to black protest. They need to listen, truly listen, take a bow and learn from black people how much their white responsibility and power is in this situation. As the man said AAs are helpless to stop white violence.

The last time I saw white people stopping white violence by meeeting it with force, was by JFK and RFK who were struck down in their prime to the grief of black and white Americans:

James Howard Meredith (born June 25, 1933) is an American civil rights movement figure, a writer, and a political adviser. In 1962, he was the first African-American student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi,[1] an event that was a flashpoint in the American civil rights movement.

Motivated by President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, Meredith decided to exercise his constitutional rights and apply to the University of Mississippi.[2] His goal was to put pressure on the Kennedy administration to enforce civil rights for African Americans...

Meredith won in court, but the Governor still fought it, and RFK talked him into following the law and admitting him. Federal law, not state law.

Some white students and segregationists, many who had driven in for the event, protested his enrollment by rioting on the Oxford campus.

Robert Kennedy called in 500 U.S. Marshals to take control, who were supported by the 70th Army Engineer Combat Battalion from Ft Campbell, Kentucky. They created a tent camp and kitchen for the US Marshals.

To bolster law enforcement, President John F. Kennedy sent in U.S. Army troops from the 2nd Infantry Division from Ft. Benning, GA under the command of Maj. Gen Charles Billingslea and military police from the 503rd Military Police Battalion, and called in troops from the Mississippi Army National Guard.[13]

Gen. Bllingslea's staff car was mobbed and set on fire at the entrance to the university gate. General Billingslea, the Deputy Commanding General, John Corley, and aide, Capt Harold Lyon, were trapped inside the burning car but managed to force the car door open and had to crawl 200 yards into the gate to the University Lyceum Building while someone was shooting at them and continued to shoot the windows out, though the Army never returned fire.

Gen Billingslea had established a series of escalating secret code words for issuing ammunition down to the platoons with another one for issuing it to squads, and a third one for loading, none of which could take place without the General himself, confirming the secret codes.

In the violent clash, two people died, including the French journalist Paul Guihard,[7] on assignment for the London Daily Sketch. He was found dead behind the Lyceum building with a gunshot wound to the back.

One hundred-sixty US Marshals, one-third of the group, were injured in the melee, and 40 soldiers and National Guardsmen were wounded.[7][1[13]

US Army trucks loaded with steel-helmeted US Marshals roll across the University of Mississippi campus on October 3, 1962.


During this time, he was advised by Medgar Evers, a civil rights leader.

Evers was also inspired by Kennedy and killed the same day he came home to tell his family the good news he had heard about his decision. Terrorists gunned him down in his front yard in view of his wife and children.

In the early morning of June 12, 1963, just hours after President John F. Kennedy's speech on national television in support of civil rights, Evers pulled into his driveway after returning from a meeting with NAACP lawyers. Emerging from his car and carrying NAACP T-shirts that read "Jim Crow Must Go," Evers was struck in the back with a bullet fired from an Enfield 1917 rifle; the bullet ripped through his heart. He staggered 9 meters (30 feet) before collapsing.

He was taken to the local hospital in Jackson where he was initially refused entry because of his color, until it was explained who he was; he died in the hospital.


All these leaders were attacked repeatedly and denied the most basic of human rights. Meredith was a very intelligent, successful man with his own strong views shown at the link. The terrorists have not stopped hating:

In 2014, vandals linked to the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity vandalized Meredith's honorary University of Mississippi campus statue by putting a noose around its neck and draping it with a controversial former Georgia state flag. In response, he said "that just clearly shows that we’re not training our children like the Bible says. They don’t know right and wrong, good and bad and how to apply it to life."[1]

Our current crop of Tenthers, Teaterrorists and Libertarians would have called what the Kennedys and the military did the action of a police state.

We have not seen that kind of response since then with white people taking action against violent white people. It is a white problem. The only common factor in all these cases are AAs just asking to be treated as the amended Constitution demands they be.

I doubt that being an accepted message from BS. After all, he is running on the same basis, that is,

hope to change the status quo developing in this country. The mocking of Obama's 'hope and change' meme began with Sarah Palin who employed racist dog whistles all through her campaign in 2008.

It's been offensive to many for a long time, and only defines the mocker. I made a post about this kind of maliciousness:

Joy strengthens the heart of the weary, the ones whose purpose is loving.

Just remember that people out to hurt others can gain nothing of value from their actions, all they can do is create misery.

Misery is easy to create. It's the tool of the maliciously lazy.

Happiness takes work, it is the reward for a life being well lived.

Make the choice to not let others steal your hard earned joy.

Take the negative energy they try to fill you with and create something beautiful.

~ Anonymous

This is the fruit of love, to look at the eyes of this girl and others in a refugee camp that Obama visited. These people are the victims of war and exploitation of the most brutal kind ever known, yet media gives them scant attention, as the 1% are not affected by it

The amount of murderous violence in our land alone that this man has had to see and feel and comfort, is staggering. Confronting and healing evil in a world of hatred and violence, is part of Obama's complex task in a world in which many insist he fail. He is planting seeds of consciousness in all he does that is lauded or condemned. This is the reality of the world we live in.

It is not a job for the faint of heart, and the maliciously lazy who see their victory in tearing down the work and the workers are not going to do it. Look into those angel eyes meeting his, and weep for those whose lives deserve love:


Vanity is unworthy and inappropriate in the face of so much suffering.

BS's always been this way. HILLPAC termed his Senate run a priority.

Which meant she gave him the maximum amount from the funds. The DNC has never run a strong challenger against BS in VT. Democratic Senate leaders have given him more power than he would have recieved on his own. They want what BS wants.

BS says he will NOT be a spoiler and run third party (despite hiring a Nader staffer) that would allow a hard rightwing Republican to take the office of presidency.

If HRC wins the primary, BS will come through and support her run, as will his REAL fans who care about his ideas. The hangers on that were more of anti-Clinton than pro-Sanders will ignore his pleas, most likely as they are more against her than for his ideas. Strange how that will work out, if it does happen that HRC wins in the nomination process.

The main problem we now have is -- we don't have another Obama. Neither HRC or BS are as young or at all charismatic.

HRC is close to Obama in pointing out values and is big on policy and getting things done, even if they are not what she wants to have done many times. BS is big on what is important, but hasn't been able to get others to go along with him in Congress. This is a peculiar position to be in when running for higher office, and there is none as high a POTUS.

He is not clear on practical matters of policy, but truly a great agitator. His rhetoric stirs people up, mundane talk of sausage making as HRC can turn people off. But getting stirred up and getting the important things done are two different gifts.

Obama has those qualities with a longer range vision than anyone running. He has been transformative in making structural change despite lack of support. His wife Michelle Obama says he never takes on a battle he cannot win, but that nothing will stop him once his mind is made up, to get it done.

The GOP is the enemy we must campaign against. They are more dangerous than a rattler, and want to inflict a fatal bite on the country. They want it to wither and die so they can sell it off to their sponsors.

They are doing a great job of it state by state and so many people have swallowed the Koch propaganda pills it's almost a done deal. They must be defeated, and that will require people to be encouraged and not be demoralized to make the changes we need. We all need to encourage and not demoralize each other. We're all we've got.

The picture at the link shows he lives in a perpetual state of whining:

He vacillates between looking like he's going to cry if he doesn't get his way, to 'Look at what I did, I'm such a naughty boy' arrogance. He's a malignant narcissist and a dangerous demagogue. He's loathesome.

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