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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
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George Zimmerman had one too, although he may have had to shut it down.

Working in an assisted living facility in WA as a facilitator/housekeeper?

Washington state should check out this information. And he has 119 friends at his MySpace page.

Yes, you found it... And financed by the death of his pregnant woman... Allegedly.

I wonder what they'd been offered by bigger money interests for carrying this off.

Although the men in orange are his accomplices, not him.

I suspect some of the Ron Paul/Teabaggers will be doing this:

My family was not in that area, but the story reads similarly. Except they were in a city and...

The company goons were unable to shift them geographically. They weren't living on company property. That gave them more leeway, a public face and support among more people. They went straight to the box cars at the downtown railway yards where the goons were arriving. They all knocked heads there so it didn't get this far. I'd like to see this shown to the Tea Party and the Libertarians. Then see what they have to say, if they'd be moved at all and see that they are wrong about unions and giving so much power to corporations.

MATEWAN - The Battle of Blair Mountain

The story of the miners strggle for decent working conditions back in 1920. Culminating in the Matewan massacre.

You can read where Alan Grayson posted the entire story on his thread, The Second Civil War here:


He's called 'socialist' for this. A question I'd ask those who want to get rid of public employees,

Especially the generations that went to public schools, used public parks, hospitals, libraries, fire halls, water, and all of the other things from the New Deal:

What was so terrible about that?

If it was good enough for you, and your education got you started in life and publicly owned things helped you out, what has changed?

Other than media telling you it was all evil, that someone is trying to steal something from you?

Why do you turn your back on what that was given to you by generations of Americans, and sell it all off to the lowest bidder, so that your children won't enjoy the same opportunities you had?

Can't you see that doing this leads to feudalism as all the land and services go into private hands, which may or may not allow you anything if you're not connected?

Have you realized that the very voices that are telling you this might not have your best interests at heart, that they are the buyers?

No concern about women's civil liberties or intrusion into their lives. Not a word, but...

Our freedom and prosperity, however, require that government be radically shrunkówhich demands liquidation of the empire, respect for civil liberties, and conversion of entitlements to mutual-aid and other private organizations.

More Libertarian fables, the out of sight and out of mind spiel. The family, church and the free market will take care of it. They'll vote for R-MONEY.

The Libertarian Party is straight out the Koch family and has the exact same goals for America, the terms are almost exactly the same.

This is only against Ryan because he wants to use government to achieve his Christofascist goals. They want it eliminated completely, like the Koch family, to force Americans to bow to discrimination and theocracy and slave wages.

They want the privatization of Social Security for the benefit of profiteers. They are against all public workers to shrink government. They are against regulations and labor rights, which they consider to get in the way of the sainted free market.

EDIT: Note their nice article on the 'consistent' Todd Akin position as opposed to the inconsistent Romney. And the comparison Teabaggers used to defend outllawing abortion, calling it equal to the Dred Scott Decision. Civil liberties for men, not women:


There is power there, and the GOP interest in the womb is not ALL religious, but quite practical:

The GOP Agenda: Controlling the Means of (Re)Production

Sometimes it takes me a while, but the pieces have finally slid into place. Like a lot of others, I have been mistakenly thinking that the GOPís legislative campaign against women is about domination or subversion or repression or some other kind of man-woman conflict. Itís not at all. It is about dehumanization: the puppet party of business seeking dominion over the population by controlling our reproduction.

Consider that the ideal environment for multinational corporations is pretty much the opposite of what benefits humans:

Corporations would like to drive down the worldwide cost of human capital in order to own and manage a world economy. We have already seen how this is accomplished. On the production side, corporations play leapfrog, moving factories from country to country based on marginal labor savings. On the revenue side, they drain the private assets of countries whose citizens still have money. With no resources, the citizens are ripe to be exploited as the next labor force.

More at the link:


Controlling the Means of Reproduction: An Interview with Michelle Goldberg


All the freedom loving libertarians should consider the link here:

Will Ron Paul himself be waiting vigilantly in every American ER, syringe of estrogen at the ready, ready to provide anti-pregnancy treatment for rape victims who are behaving properly? He doesn't say.

Instead, he continues, noting that while the victim of an "honest rape" can take the morning after pill this one time, a different set of standards should apply to a woman who was raped and just moseys on into the doctor's office 7 months later to have one of those spontaneous late term "just-for-funsies" abortions women are so fond of having nowadays.

What I've pasted from the link, and emboldened myself, may be the slant of the writer.

This is the patronizing attitude the GOP has of women, that they are nothing but children to be instructed by the wise old men. What is there about these alleged free thinkers that they DARE judge another person's wants, needs or thoughts?

These men are in effect, calling all women who don't agree with them liars, impugning the intelligence, morals and integrity of women who say they do not want to or cannot carry a child to term.

The abortion procedure is a painful one, and not just an easy, fun thing to do. The choices women are making are informed because they know what is going on in their lives and will live with the consequences.

They don't need to be informed by a bunch of busy bodies and good old boys who will NOT be living with the consequences of bearing a child.

It is insane that we are even having to have this discussion in this day and age. Or maybe we've been taken back in time to women could be legally beaten with a board so long as it wasn't too thick. And they couldn't vote. The GOP wants all of this for women.
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