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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
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Thanks. There are other forces ready and eager to fill any vacuum left by government.

We see this daily in those who want less regulation, seek to impose their faith on others. Those entities are well-funded and have operated at a less open level than any government ever has done.

It a matter of history that they create dissension and conflict to weaken any secular authority as well as anything that stands in the way of their profit and power. We ignore these groups at our peril, and idealism or holding our noses at anything, will not make them go away.

That they are not part of a discussion when people trash all the government in knee-jerk fashion, strikes me being very ignorant or else dishonest. We cannot afford willful ignorance and blind faith something will magically arise to take place of our demanding 'We The People' style of governance. Leave the 'We' out of that equation and you get corporatism and/or theocracy. Every single time.

There are always those ready to take control, who are doing so today, right in our faces. They know too many will find excuses to not lower themselves to work with others. Their motto is that those who do get involved are all crooks, with bad motives, but I see them in this quote:

He who says there is no such thing as an honest man, is himself a knave.

~ George Berkeley

Thus it is pointless to talk to them, since they choose to ignore the real world. The one that is crushing real people, while they stand by and jeer.

It's ironic when they yell at us, to wake up, that we are sheeple, when they slept through history classes and are still sleeping through reality.

Commentors claim the photo was faked. I found these comments telling:


Iíd bring my gun to a place like that. To make a point. If she wants to ban my rifle. She and her traitor husband can come try and take it. I would also bring a noose as a polite reminder of the eventual fate of all traitors.


I will bring my gun where I please, when I please. If that brain damaged cripple has an issue with that, she can go elsewhere.

More of their mentality:

Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning "thus always to tyrants." The full quotation, Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis (literally : "Thus always I eradicate tyrants' lives", or "death to tyrants" or "down with the tyrant."

In American history, John Wilkes Booth wrote in his diary that he shouted the phrase after shooting President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, in part because of the association with the assassination of Caesar.[2][3]

Timothy McVeigh was wearing a T-shirt with this phrase and a picture of Lincoln on it when he was arrested on April 19, 1995, the day of the Oklahoma City bombing.[4]


Abraham Lincoln said:

From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia... could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years.

No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.

Are we there yet?

That's How They Get You. They're Under the Goddamn Ground!

I voted for change and I got it! Perhaps not for me, but others.

And I've see the 'before' and 'after' of Obamacare. The 'before' was full of real 'death panels.' And losing everything, along with broken bodies, minds and hearts. I am pleased with my President for putting us on the right path. Thanks for this thread.

It means if you don't espouse libertarian ideology, you must be an authoritarian.

Because to them, all forms of control are by definition authoritarian, except tribal forms. They won't say that directly but that's where this leads.

Which are more oppressive as we've seen in fundamentalist homes that don't believe in sparing the rod, that girls need to be educated, have the right to say no to sex, child bearing or a life of child rearing, vote, or to speak when a man is present.

There are non-religious groups who must follow the demands of their own authoritarians, the petty family and business tyrants, but they get a pass from this group as well.

In fact we are upbraided if we bring up these 'useless social issues' which are major issues to those who are invisible to those a few rungs higher up on the social ladder. Because they believe that by not paying taxes or following laws, they will become wealthy. Not the same class as those who they consider themselves to be above and so they don't care about social issues, since they won't fall on their heads.

So it's only evil when government does something, or has a war? What of the thousands of daily deaths that belong at the feet of these authoritarians never written down in history books? Those invisible lives were people, too, to some of us. Their myopia is showing.

Afghanistan, Somalia and other bastions of freedom and liberty where guns rule, they have no argument with. Mind you, there is a certain liberty, freedom and privacy rights strictly enforced in such cultist groups. No one can register their guns, question their child rearing, or take them in for physical violence, incest or rape in all its manifestations.

Those they commit these things upon, have no liberties, no rights to their own thoughts, not even their own bodies. Invisible victims of the control systems they don't care about.

They are not in the class who argue about civil liberties. Just as in the days of the much vaunted Greek democracies and even the founding of the USA and other countries, that so many adore and want to beat us over the head with, neglect one essential fact in their view of freedom, equality and liberty.

Those societies, and the leisure to discuss these things and determine what was right and wrong, indulge themselves in high ideas with philosophy, were built on the back of slaves, conquest, slaughter, and dispossessing others. Yes, their view is quite narrow.

Libertarians, their spiritual kin the Republicans and the Koch brothers, have several ideals in common. They don't believe in any kind of regulation imposed by those 'filthy democrats', both with little and capital letter d's, while they certainly will regulate the most intimate of control mechanisms on those who are under the control of their leaders.

They have a vision for America, and that nasty government is standing in the way. Except they expect they will maintain their modern life by not paying taxes, and polluting and cheating others, as their right. Those others are another file in their forgetaboutit trash bin.

Thus by attempting to arbitrate between competing forces in society, keeping a government strong enough to stand between them, we are told that it is a police state to hold back natural law, families and the free market following its course. They have a lot of demonization to portray others as being so evil their concerns must never be heard, nor their reasons, logic or excuses. They cannot be allowed to speak, period, they must be shut down by the mob. They and their viewpoints must be destroyed.

On the list are banks or agencies of the government they see as evil. One word trying to explain what is logical is called support for the evil cabal. You are then an enemy of the people, an authoritarian, and against civil liberty, anathema and a scourge. You are ______!

They believe, too, that women's rights to their bodies are not in the natural order when this happens but they claim to be for liberty for all. The social system they want will not give any rights to women or any vulnerable population, period. This is what I call Animal Farm. 'All animals are equal to others. Some animals are more equal than others.' But some will not sign up for the glue factory operated by libertarians.

It's social darwinism under a different name, just as the rich and powerful have always justified their rule. Now it's 'let the market decide, who will live and who will die.' The marriage of theocracy and government won't affect the wealthy. It only affects the 47% who need some help. Planned Parenthood, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are thus set up to cater to 'parasites.'

People being denied education, medical care, food or housing by the rich or by religious edict don't bother them. They support living under church or family wealth and dissolution of all programs for those who don't want to surrender their freedom of mind and submit to the intimate tyrannies there.

They conveniently ignore the oppression of sectarian and corporate rule. 'Don't look at the man behind that curtain,' it's on private property as everything should be according to them. Nothing public. You have no right to that information.

Interesting that they finally showed their colors on the issues of information being suppressed. When it's in private hands, there won't be questions to ask, as it's proprietary information, and NOYB.

Talking to a some people wastes time. Paulite zealots reveal themselves by claiming to have voted (D) but show such an thorough hatred and disdain of Democrats and the process, it's not credible, or else they were duped.

They might benefit from a 'you might be a libertarian' check list. There is criticism and demand for reform, but that means being a part of the 'authoritarians' or at least working them, that they do not support while denying that to do so, is to support a plethora of less visible authoritarians.

Well, invisible to them, but all too obvious to many of us.

But mainly it's Obama they cannot bear to look at, listen to or hear about, as he carries out the party platform which can lose them votes as he does so. Those who see that as desirable are 'fascist enablers' and 'authoritarian swooners' which is some pretty messed up name calling.

If you take all the fancy verbiage from the Hedges, Greenwald, Benjamin and the rest of the 'government is evil' squad, they support the status quo of the 1% by giving government no power to oppose them. Likewise those who only want the right to be in the streets to vent, but don't get into the evil government to change it.

They are content to dwell in a factory dedicated to producing an unending supply of poutrage, and nothing else. 'Man the barricades!' is not known as a strategy for changing things as much as getting into and transforming the evil government from within. Yes, 'embracing the horde and serving the state' is what that calls for.

The love of street theater is just what is says, the love of street theater. It can entertain and when the next day comes, the fantasy is over unless the numbers are so huge they represent a voting block. And one that will vote and fearlessly take responsibility to become part of the process, no matter what. The little media circuses we are being fed are not a voting block, but depress voters, as planned.

Libertarians will never want to see the government succeed at anything good, since it's in their way. If you are into 'drowning the government in the bathtub,' you'll toss it out later with the bathwater. You will never hear them leading a cheer for any of the measures taken to help the poor and downtrodden. It is ironic when this game is being played with liberals who fall for it consistently.

They never care about the issues of the platform or celebrate any good done, because they don't believe they are proper. They are for more Libertarians in power, period.

Their interests reflect those of the Pauls and are never interested in the rights of women, minorities, nor voting rights or health care or the social safety nets.

They don't believe in any of that, but will use any failure to flog Democrats with and depress them. It's a cynical ploy to beat on the ones trying to make things work, but that they want eliminated.

They will use any crisis to promote their 'It's every man for himself and god against all,' to 'drown the government in the bathtub.' They hate representative democracy, but then, private hierarchies are not democracies at all.

They know better than to openly say that or to promote tribalism here, but it's the end result of their fervent desire to destroy government. They call those who work within the government or receive benefits 'statists,' 'moochers,' 'fascists' and 'authoritarians.' They are getting more upfront when they call those who support the US government for any reason, 'authoritarian enablers.' Anyone that disagrees is a 'fascist,' since they didn't join the 'freedom express.'

They refuse to answer the question on what is proper government function or services, since they are either woefully uninformed about how things work, or do not want to see any. I suspect the latter which leads them to not take the time to learn the former. Although it is possible it's the other way around, all attempts to explain how things work are pointedly ignored, which indicates it is the latter.

By default they want the 'free market' and 'the invisible hand' to do it all, just as the Koch brothers do. If we bring out stories of their involvement with the same, we are called authoritarian stooges.

When people use such strategies and are not honest about their goals, I don't bother to respond here or in real life.

Sweet! Don't you have something else you're going to post? Hint, hint...

Wow! Great pix, guys! Love the last one. Okay now, how about some more local pix?


Obama the Omnipotent. Sees everywhere. Peeks in our underwear. American Exceptionalism!

Americans can only be happy if we control every single government in the world. That's where this line of reasoning all leads in the end, doesn't it?

But I can't find my Masters of the Universe graphic for you. Sorry, want me to go look?


Have a Happy Fourth of July!

It's chicken now?! I thought it was BPA:

Alex Jones: The Government Is Trying to Make More Gay People

By Bob Cesca ∑ January 24, 2013

...Amazingly, however, this wasnít the kookiest conspiracy theory to be churned up this week. That honor goes to a theory mentioned by Alex Jones in a video originally picked up by Gawker and resurrected by The Huffington Post the other day. In it, Jones makes the hilarious claim that the reason there are ďso many gay peopleĒ in America is because the U.S. government is deliberately trying to reduce the birthrate with estrogen-mimicking chemicals in our juice boxes. Yes, juice boxes. The government is making more gay people as a birth control method using juice boxes.

Hereís exactly what Jones said:

ďThe reason thereís so many gay people now is because itís a chemical warfare operation! I have the government documents where they said theyíre going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people donít have children. [...]

Hey, letís stop drinking out of estrogen-mimicking containers. And again, I even catch myself, Bob, drinking out of these estrogen mimickers because itís everywhere. I mean, take this [holds up juice box]. I donít know, but I should check. This is probably lined with the type of plastic that has it. But I still grabbed this off the shelf this morning. Even though it says itís organic, thatís not enough. In fact, let me ó guys, give me a knife so I can tear into this. Letís see if itís lined with it. In fact, itíll probably say it if itís lined with it inside the plastic packaging. [...]

After youíre done drinking your little juices, well, I mean, youíre ready to go out and have a baby. Youíre ready to put makeup on. Youíre ready to wear a short skirt. Youíre ready to go, you know, put together a, you know, garden of roses or something. Youíre ready to put lipstick on.Ē


Okay, let's go with this. Government is wants people to stop with the red meat and go with the lean. Real man eat red meat?


Chicken is a plot against men. Yup. Although to give him his due, Morales did specify hormone-laden chicken, which is banned in some countries. Maybe poultry hunted down in the wild will be safe.

Otherwise, men had better stay away from BPA, soy, cellphones, tap water, vaccines, etc. just to be on the safe side!

Myself being of the other persuasion, may consider eating chicken and making sure I get my daily does of BPA. At least one gender would survive, but damn, I would truly miss men. They are the most entertaining creatures on the planet, right after cats.

What do I need here, a icon or a icon. Apply liberally, no reason to go hating for reporting this to expand upon the dietary issues in the OP.

'A records check turned up empty, so the man was sent on his way.'

All your data base are belong to...

Data base FAIL!
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