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VIDEO for you:

Watch Obama's commencement address at West Point

Published on May 28, 2014

President Barack Obama defended his foreign policy Wednesday during a commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Also posted at the BOG.

Thanks, babylonsister for bringing this news here. This is where Obama has been leading a nation kicking and screaming for six years now. Step by step.

"This is foreign policy the Obama way."

Thanks to you for that, too:


Watch Obama's commencement address at West Point

Published on May 28, 2014

President Barack Obama defended his foreign policy Wednesday during a commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Babylonsister posted text from VOX here:

Obama just announced the most anti-war foreign policy doctrine in decades


Join the discussion there.

Got a point there. Singular not plural; but he means ALL, which is plural. Tired of being told what

to feel and think by men in general.

My father said I could be whatever I put my mind to and not let bullies, define who I was.

Many males since had so many ideas about how women should feel.

Michelle says it all here:

Don't worry, that train's never late. MSM will be tearing its hair thinking of ways to diss it.

Ooh, see the sexy little winky-winkies of those two. Oh, boy!

So Palin will finally ask Putin to marry her. They could set up a kingdom mixing Siberia and Alaska.

On second thought, Putin likely has better taste than to go for Sarah. Really...

On third thought, Vladimir, please take her, she's yours! I'm begging you...

It has been needing to change for a long time. It's been played like a game. My thoughts earlier:


I say with respect, to those who want more rights for those homeless to remain that way, that these are humans, not wildlife. That there's plenty of money that could be better utilized by housing people instead of street corner giving. If a person feels the need to give, fine.

But don't think that leaving the person homeless is addressing the problem that has been created. And it is a created problem, not the will of the homeless. All these people once had housing and would rather have it again.

It's about basic privacy. I agree with the homeless who are reluctant to have to show up like cattle at a trough to eat or sleep in a barn, otherwise called feeding places and shelters to sleep with strangers and then turned out to pasture the next day even if they need to rest for health. That's the way livestock is treated.

That is the Libertarian and theocratic view of life with many clauses on how such things would never befall themselves. The contention that people live without being part of something greater and deserving of help from others, creates a group of people who at best are the object of pity, at worst no more than some entertainment and a nuisance, is unacceptable to many of us. It denies the phases that life hands to each of us, from childhood to old age, with good and bad times or disability.

Libertarians say to the face, FOAD, I don't want to be bothered. I say to such, fine, these people don't want to bother anybody. They want to live indoors just like you that spends so much energy despising them, not outdoors like feral animals. House them and they'll be out of your exalted way. You won't be bothered anymore.

Want the 'problem' of the homeless and poor solved, or ended, just end the basic problem by housing and support. Then you and they will both be free.

THANK YOU. The Democratic Platform is clear, sane and many of us expect to see it supported at DU.

Perhaps those who indulge themselves by dismissing or outright abusing women here, may want to rethink what they are doing here in line with the stated mission of DU. And I wonder how much of the misogyny is being tolerated because of *cough* this guy:

The First Feminist President, Barack Obama

by Mandy Van Deven

March 23, 2009

On January 20th the first self-identified feminist was named President of the United States of America. Just two days after taking office, Barack Obama performed his first presidential act of solidarity with women around the world by repealing the Global Gag Rule. Established in 1984 by President Reagan, the Global Gag Rule denies aid to international groups "which perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning." The Global Gag Rule has come to be seen as a litmus test of the current US President's stance on women's rights, though it is just one aspect of the complicated story of the impact of American reproductive rights policy in countries around the globe. [17]

After witnessing the impact of President Bush's reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, Michelle Goldberg, journalist, author, and long-time critic of the Bush Administration's policies on sexual and reproductive health, decided that a book about the global battle for reproductive justice was long overdue. So she wrote The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World [17]. The cover art depicting a woman holding the Earth on her shoulders is more than appropriate for this deeply-researched, historically-informed examination: fifty years worth of research about four continents has convinced Goldberg that women's oppression is at the crux of many of the world's most intractable challenges. She illustrates how US policies act as a catalyst for or an impediment to women's rights worldwide, and puts forth a convincing argument that women's liberation worldwide is key to solving some of our most daunting problems. "Underlying diverse conflicts - demography, natural resources, human rights, and religious mores - is the question of who controls the means of reproduction," she writes. "Women's intimate lives have become inextricably tied to global forces."


The war on women is not just a war on women, but on men, too. Men who don't support women's rights are sealing their own fate. That's what division does, divide and conquer, and those so conquered are not winning anything by their callous treatment of fellow humans.

Some will say they never saw it coming. I say, take a deeper look at what's being sold to us. It's not just an American problem. It is about global control and reducing all of mankind to commodities.

What is done to women and minorities is a move against all humanity, and if one calls oneself either a champion of the good or a victim of this evil scheme, they'd better join up with us because the people who are trying to dehumanize us are not going to stop.

Women and minorities are being attacked by those who hate Obama on other sites as he's clearly in their corner from the onset. The knee jerk reaction against him translates less into ODS and more into one that is a reaction against the people and values he supports. It's no wonder this is happening.

Those who do this should stop being team members for the reducing humanity to things which is what has been done to women and minorities. We should not play this game at DU.

Just sayin'

Heavily edited from:


I'm wondering who went along with Conyers. No list at the link. My search only yielded this:

Rick Scott, who is denying Medicaid expansion, dares to attack Obama for not applying sanctions to Venezuela:

Obama's 'not caring about Venezuela'


Rick Scott, 'not caring about Florida' should take care of his own before he runs his mouth.

The Right Wingers sure do hate on Obama, which shows to me he's doing something good, no matter what. And the Senate foughr Obama on this one, too, but PBO won:

Senate majority support Iran sanctions bill opposed by Obama


I think Obama is going to win this round, too, and stick firm to his principles:

Don't think the list of names will be reported by the media, not sure where to go for the other names.

Here's one I posted to Sheshe elsewhere (guess where?) that I now give to you:

Put it on full screen to enjoy it all. Have a great night, Sea!

AsahinaKimi. thanks for the translation! Google completely messed up:

Yaban'na mikai hito.

Google said:

'Swahili detected.'

Which startled me. I didn't know she spoke Swahili!


Yaban'na mikai hito.

Well, big help. And anyone claiming the phrase wasn't Japanese, maybe took their first google too seriously.

The body of the message got this result:

Karera wa, kore made wa sapōto o ukeru niataisuru n

Google said:

'Japanese detected.'

Oh, goody, I thought. Here it comes. But no, it was just as dumb at the other:


Pale green time, not made ​​of time sapōto ukeru niataisuru n

EPIC FAIL by google and a few other entities.

Sure, I'd like to see some things translated here. Like everyone is supposed to know the French and Latin quotes English married. We don't but Wikipedia or google gives fast results

Thanks again for telling us what it means, I agree that we don't need to be giving support to a theocracy. We have a First Amendment to give freedom of religion and freedom of speech. That includes the freedom to speak about religion!

What is going on there is against the Constitution and although alliances are often made with those of similar values, this is wrong, like the Inquisition would have been. One would think a search for the ultimate truth that religions claim to have, could withstand some criticism.

An apostle said: 'We should be able to argue our case in the free marketplace of ideas.'

The apostle didn't say that everyone had to or would even believe it. He knew that his was a minority view.

That guy should have been allowed to speak because if you feel your idea is true, no one can shake you off by talking against it. You prove it one way or the other. Shutting him down with such brutality is a sign of weakness from a theocracy.

We don't need a theocracy here to return us to former state of ignorance and misery that either ruined or took too many lives over the years.

Excellent and wise woman. Sadly predictable outcome and government will not be allowed to stop this.

When the Man Camps are all closed and the pipelines in place, the workers will bring misery wherever they land next. Not the kind of neighbor one will ever be able to trust or be safe living around. No doubt they'll be well armed, too and able to afford to move into many communities to repeat what they did there. I'm glad the police officer had a chance to speak out in that venue. Did natives vote for this in their area?

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