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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

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All right! And it's good news, too:

So is that sig line of yours...

My question to conservatives:

"Do you pray to stop being a moron, or have you accepted that this is the Lord's plan for you?"

~ Pretzel Warrior

Hope you're staying warm! Cooking all day to keep the place warm. 'Tis the season to freeze!

Happy Holidays!

Yes, the Faux News heads are exploding about what the Pope said... Put down the coffee...

They never saw it coming...

More like a national disgrace. Why does no one picket, demonstrate against, occupy, these abusers?

It's not like FNN headquarters on 6th Avenue in NYC is an undisclosed location...

I've always thought it fishy that they are spared such attention. People demonstrate against the Phelps, the burn a Koran guy, and other first amendment kooks while FNN is the most blatant political propaganda enabler there is. With almost a third (97 million households) of the voting public in thrall to their propaganda, they incite people to do acts of violence. They are destroying America one mind at a time. I don't see what in government can equal their influence. I wonder why there is so much silence in real life.

Are people afraid to face the wrath of their demogogues?

Just sayin'

Let's all be like Jesus!

Thanks for the link with Kerry's call to duty:

'...think of how each of you might take just one step in the next mile of a journey that never really ends...'

And tears listening to Angelou's:

'...giving forgiveness, even when it is not asked for...'

That is the meaning of grace.

What a beautiful spirit.

Thanks Sherrod and Elizabeth and *cough, cough* Allyson-come-lately.

Oh, and Pete, go home, okay?

Pope Francis reveals he used to be a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Lee Moran - December 3, 2013

God's enforcer on Earth used to be a nightclub bouncer.

Pope Francis I has revealed that, years before becoming pontiff, he sorted out rowdy troublemakers in backstreet bars in his home city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 76-year-old head of the Catholic Church made the astonishing announcement on Sunday...

The Catholic News Service reports that he mentioned his former career while talking to parishioners in a working-class neighborhood in Rome....


From link at first article. Wish I could get the picture to post. He has a impish grin.

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