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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

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Julián's family story and how Democrats helped to fulfill their dreams.

Julián Castro's DNC Keynote Speech - Elections 2012

Published on Sep 4, 2012

Mayor Julián Castro of San Antonio delivered the keynote speech Tuesday night at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the same speech that propelled then-Senator Barack Obama to fame in 2004.

But as to recent commentary by him on this, I haven't found it. Will keep looking...

Pope Francis: attachment to money destroys you and your family

Published on Oct 21, 2013


Pope Francis focused his homily at Casa Santa Marta on greed, which destroys people as well as families, he said. The Pope added that money can bring about many good things, but only when people are not attached to it.

Pope Francis Denounces Greed: ‘It Makes You Sick’ (VIDEO)

By Justin "Filthy Liberal Scum" Rosario - October 23, 2013

Pope Francis ripped off the thin veneer of piety that the right-wing wraps its greed in. No, Jesus does NOT want you hoard money and leave the poor to die.

First Pope Francis calls right-wing Christian extremism a “sickness” and now this? After the sermon he just gave, Pope Francis is not going to be invited to CPAC anytime soon. In fact, if he keeps this up, he’ll become enemy #1 to the frothing nuts on the right.

Let’s be honest, the right-wing centers on greed. In the 80′s, Reagan and Gordon Gecko codified the idea that “greed is good.” Since then, conservatives have lived as if your worth can only be measured by how much you’re worth. You were only as good as the size of your McMansion or how low the gas mileage on you Hummer is. Money stopped becoming a means to an end. It became the end in and of itself. All the while, conservatives swore on a stack of heavily edited Bibles that they loved The Jesus. And for the last 30 years, the entire world suffered for it.

But Pope Francis is not interested in Reaganomics nor is Pope Francis interested in false piety. No, Pope Francis is interested in the message of Jesus. Curiously, this message stands in direct opposition to everything conservatives stand for...

Much more explanation, opinion and Papal quotes at the link here:


The Koch brothers have tried to say they don't support shutdown and default.

Yet they are still funding the groups that do support it. Their philosophy has not changed.

They are still supporting ending regulation, taxes, voting rights, women's rights, public education, destruction of social security, the ACA, along with no gun or even heavier weaponry control.

They are intefering with the political process directly, and also profiting off the destruction of cities.

So we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Happy Halloween, you murderous scumbags! We know what you want:

They haven't gotten out of hand at all. They are the next phrase of the operation.

Some people like the quote that you shouldn't assign evil motivations when it's likely stupidity. I can't even argue a lack of wisdom. For them, this is a wise strategy.

There is no lack of funding to buy intellectual power by the ultra rich. They own the think tanks, control many university voices, research, media and the MIC. They have no shortage of brains or organization.

Those who might easily pass for stupid, are just doing the coarser jobs for the whole. And every one gets paid, much more than the rest of us doing honest work.

I concur. My treatment plan would be for him to STHU. Doubt he'll be compliant...

He's giving the insane clown posse a stage to show off their bonkersness!

And love the sig line.


That was one fo the best parts of that show...

Barack Obama's speech: Is the president trolling?

by M.S - Oct 18th 2013

...Barack Obama is very much alive and reads the responses of people who listen to his speeches. We're all trying to interpret him, but he is also trying to interpret us. And the speeches he makes are designed with an understanding of how we are likely to interpret them. Mr Obama is surely aware that in the eyes of several powerful interpretive communities, particularly those of active liberals and of the mainstream media, full-throated condemnations of Republicans sound partisan and upsetting, while careful denunciations of "extremism" and calls for pragmatic compromise sound mature and comforting. At the same time, he is also aware of how committed conservatives see him; he makes this clear by referring to those "who think that my policies are misguided—and that's putting it mildly." And I suspect he is aware that when he speaks in the voice of the calm centrist, conservatives go bananas.

So what I'm wondering is: at this point, when Barack Obama talks like a centrist, delivers civics lessons and declares his willingness to consider all viewpoints, is he trolling Republicans?

Is he betting that by sticking to scrupulously neutral bipartisan language, even when his criticisms clearly refer to tea-party Republicans, he will drive them into ever-more-extreme paroxysms of hatred?

I don't know. Even if he were doing this, I'm not sure what other option he has than to embrace the language of bipartisanship. Maybe I'm overthinking the whole thing. But at a minimum, it's interesting to think about how Mr Obama decides on the language he uses, when the two audiences he's speaking to will interpret every statement through such different lenses...


The video referred to:

President Barack Obama Speaks on Reopening The Government (Oct. 17th, 2013)

This is the BOG. Read the SOP. No trolling is allowed here. TIA.

Had a cat used to bring my dad squirrels, birds, mice, pheasants and voles. A dog brought me a bunny

that was still alive and fine in its mouth, but when I went for it, she chomped down, causing internal injury and we couldn't save the poor little thing.

My dad was tolerant of the cat's gifts, but the cat put them directly in front of their bedroom door which outraged my mom as she got up early in the mornings to fix coffee.

It's the thought that counts:

His photographs are always amazing. I find this one other worldly:

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