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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 53,661

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ACA registers people to vote! Awesome news! Power To The People!

White House says report was wrong and people CAN register to vote when signing up for Obamacare

By Meteor Blades

A White House official told Talking Points Memo Wednesday that, contrary to claims two left-leaning groups reported that were spotlighted by Mother Jones magazine, Americans will be able to register to vote when they apply for subsidized health insurance at the mandated exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. The federal exchanges will operate in 36 states.


Happy Birthday, Sweet! Few people have such big hearts! (pic heavy)

Start the drummers!

Keep on sharing the comfort!

Hugs forever!

And you are awesome!

Don't let tne turkeys get you down!

Make sure to get a good night's rest!

We're grateful you're here!

Your love is what makes it work!

You make our heart soar:

You are a true friend!

Oh, and Happy Birthday and many more!

VIDEO: Al Gore: The Survival of Civilization is at Risk


He really states this clearly. As our democracy has been hacked by monied interests, we do not have collective resources (in terms of a democratic government) to confront climate change and save lives. I hope some will listen.

Obama stands firm while Boehner goes to pieces

Why is this man crying?

What could he possibly be thinking to cause such grief?

Vote your choice or write your own reason below:

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