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A larger question: What rights do prisoners forfeit and retain.

Most prisoners are citizens or legal residents. Pete is right when he says that prisoners give up rights, specifically the right to freedom. However they do retain other rights, such as freedom of religion. So the question is “what other rights do prisoners forfeit and which do they retain.

I suggest that prisoners forfeit any right that is incompatible with incarceration. For example, the right to bear arms is incompatible with keeping a person in prison (even the NRA would not suggest that prison inmates have a right to have a gun). Fourth amendment rights regarding warrantless searches are also incompatible with maintaining a prison. However free speech and prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishments can be protected without compromising the operation of a prison.

Allowing prisoners to vote does not interfere with the functioning of a prison. Therefore prisoners have a right to vote.

Upper middle class is not the same as rich. A two income family of professionals (dentists, ....

lawyers, CPAs', systems analyst, etc) will have an income in the low six figures. With intelligent budgeting, and conservative investments (e.g; a couple of rental properties or long term mutual funds), they can expect to have $2,000,0000 by retirement. That allows them a comfortable retirement without constant finiancial worries. But they are not wealthy. There won't be any 200 foot yachts, private jets, or 30 room mansions. Although they are better of than many, or even most, people, they are not part of the plutocracy that runs the world.
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