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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Bloomberg seriously thought about running as an independent in 2016

After a lot of analysis he determined that it was impossible for a third party/independent to win the electoral college. Bloomberg is not a man who would run unless he had a realistic chance of winning. Bloomberg is a smart and experienced politician with unlimited money. if Biden should stumble and there is no other choice other then Warren or Sanders then Bloomberg has a chance.

In a side note; I have always thought If Bloomberg had run as an independent in 2016 it's possible that he might have won a slight plurality of the popular vote [eg.: Bloomberg - 35%, HRC - 34%, trump - 31%.] But the result would be no one wins the electoral college, so the Repub controlled House of Representatives chooses the prez. Then we would have a president who finished third in the popular vote.
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