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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Legal question: Is a special counsel the same as a special prosecutor?

The media keep referring to Mueller as a special counsel. Is there a difference?

Gov. Bullock (D. Montana): How Democrats Can Win in the West


On the night that Hillary Clinton got 36 percent of the vote in Montana, I won re-election comfortably, running on progressive ideas and against an extremely wealthy Republican opponent. Ever since, national reporters have asked me whether Montana Democrats have some secret recipe, given that weíve won the last four elections for governor, that might be used in national campaigns. I tell them yes, we do.

Above all, spend time in places where people disagree with you. Reach out. Show up and make your argument. People will appreciate it, even if they are not inclined to vote for you. As a Democrat in a red state, I often spend days among crowds where there are almost no Democratic voters in sight. I listen to them, work with them and try to persuade them.

Democrats as a national party have ceased doing this. This has to change. They should take a more expansive view of the America that exists beyond the confines of the Eastern Seaboard.

Nate Silver suggests the GOP strategy on the health care vote

If the bill quietly dies in the Senate this summer, for instance, itís not clear that a vote taken in May 2017 will be at the top of votersí minds in November 2018.

I suspect this is exactly what the GOP is planning. Give the far right a meaningless victory today, let the senate kill Trumpcare in the middle of summer when no one is paying attention, and hope that by election day 2018 everyone has forgotten about today's vote

let's stop using the word Obamacare - it's the ACA

Watching CNN; "house voting on Obamacare replacement bill". They should call it ACA.
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