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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
Number of posts: 781

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Poll: who do you think Biden will pick - NOT who you want, but who will get it.

Remeber, this is who you think will get it, even if she is not your first choice.

A question for lawyers about Mary Trump and the confidentiality agreement

The confidentiality agreement was between Mary Trump and the other family members. Simon & Schuster was not part of the agreement, so how can they be prevented from the publishing the book? I can understand how Mary Trump can be held responsible for giving the book to the publisher. But once the publisher has the book in their possession don't they have the right to publish it since they never agreed not to? How can Simon & Schuster be bound by an agreement that they had no part in?

Worst slogan ever - "Defund the Police"

Defund the Police” is a poorly worded slogan. When people hear it they immediately think you want to get rid of all police. Then you have to go into a lengthy explanation of what it actually means. Giving people the wrong first impression and then trying to persuade them about what you really meant is not a winning strategy.

For a slogan to be effective it has to be very simple, clear, and optimistic. For example, consider these presidential campaign slogans;
A Time For Greatness
Morning in America
"Kinder, Gentler Nation"
"Change We Can Believe In"

I suggest replacing “Defund the Police” with “Reinvent the Police.” This conveys a message of positive change, not a scary image of society without law enforcement.

The DNC won't make the same "mistake" as the RNC


The Buttigieg departure, in fact, suggests that the Democratic Party establishment has learned some lessons from how GOP party elites allowed President Trump to win the Republican nomination over their objections four years ago. Perhaps Democratic elites are still organized and influential enough to affect party politics. In the time between the Nevada caucuses and today, you heard a bit of a freakout from Democrats concerned about nominating a democratic socialist to take on Trump. But that freakout resulted in some actions — prominent figures in the party urged some candidates to drop out and endorsed Biden.

In other words the GOP establishment failed to keep the nomination from an outsider who understood the mood of the electorate. The GOP establishment paid the price of their failure, winning the white house. The Democratic establishment won't make the same mistake.

name a candidate in the last 50 years, either party, who dropped out

2 days before a primary.

NY, OH, MI, NJ, PA, FL, IL; This is far from over

A lesson everyone on DU should watch; CRITICAL THINKING - Fallacies: Ad Hominem

The level of discourse on DU has been rapidly declining. The prevalence of this logical fallacy is a major reason.


To beat Trump it's necessary to understand the reason he won.

Yes, Comey did a lot of damage.
Yes, Jill Stein siphoned off some votes.
Yes, a small number of Sanders supporters stayed home (but a lot more HRC supporters stayed home in 2008 and Obama still won) .

But these are not the main reason for Trump's victory. Trump, like any good salesman, con-man, or demagogue has the devil's wisdom. He knows what people are feeling and what motivates them. And Trump knows what to say to get the response he desires. The best explanation of Trump's success was given by Micheal Moore a month before the 2016 election. I know many people hate Moore and think he a giant asshole, and maybe he is. But Moore's personality isn't important, his analysis is. His analysis of why people respond to Trump was right then and it is still right. Democrats must confront the reason for Trump's success and address it or they will lose again.


So what can the Democrats do to stop Trump's very effective sales pitch? The answer; offer a better solution. Do not ignore the fears, anger, and frustrations that Trump exploits. Admit that those things exist and that they exist for valid reasons. Then offer real solutions that address those fears and frustrations. Our candidate must give people a positive reason to vote for him or her, rather than just saying "vote for me, I'm not trump".

is there any way Congress can force the FBI to investigate

Russian interference or does only the justice department have that power?

is it suspicious if someone has been on DU for 3 weeks and has 1300 posts

I don't want to make any accusations so I won't say any names. But in the age of bots, trolls, Putin,
and hi-tech agent provocateurs, a little paranoia seems reasonable.
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