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Gender: Female
Home country: France
Member since: Tue Feb 23, 2010, 08:48 AM
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I hear people comparing Clinton Email Controversy to Swiftboaters of 2004: I say to you, it is not



In 2004, when JK was under attack from SB smears, it was highly, heavily personnal. It was a character assasination, using one of his more painfull moments in life, the VN war, used in order to destabilize him and his message. It was a compoete designed distraction .It eventually became one, among other factors, of prominent factors of 2004 losses.

On the contrary, I see nothing going that personnal in Hillary-directed attacks. Sure RW overacts by calling what is a problem into a " mass scandal" but it is mainly political classic games. I see no labelling of Hillary as a " traitor" for instance.They are targeting her tenure at State and her way to practice politics. Not Hillary the woman. They go after Hillary Clinton the politician. I also dont see, coktrary to some claims, much "sexist" attacks such as " A woman can' t lead"

I give you the benefits of doubt, however, as contrary to 11 years ago, there is no KKKarl to orchestrate the smears.

PS: In 2004, the attacks against JK were based on manufactured lies, fake documents, and remember fake servicemen who claimed to have served along with JK while for some of them they never went to Vietnam at all.
Now, re. emails stories, it is clear that Hillary herself was surely aware it might hant a prospective bid. After all no one forced her to use private email. Although all of this is exagerated, she has a part of it, as she could have separated at least , for instance, personnal correspondance from pro one. Now are public her exanges with family, wich is clearly not our buisness.

Have a nice afternoon, DUers.
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