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Gender: Female
Home country: France
Member since: Tue Feb 23, 2010, 08:48 AM
Number of posts: 2,992

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Hillary Clinton, Third Way And The Silent Majority .

Inevitabe. The Only one who could made it. The most popular.
Thats the qualificatives that hear every single day the Democrats.
polls favoring her etc.
Despite ..... despite the indeniable "culture of secrecy and corruption" that runs deep since years among Clintonverse.
And why?
Because her " invetability "has long been seered into the minds and that because of Third Way, Republican lite "Democrats" who runs the whole Dem powerstructures had since years, IMPOSED her to us.
Nontheless and happily, since lately new possible countenders are raising their voices and we can finally hope a real primary.
But take the time, Progressive fellow Duers to look at the fact that still, unfortunely many Dems, despite their defiance toward Clinton are somewhat... yes afraid to defie the already set up narrative saying " Hillary the Only One" and, in a kind of reminiscence of Bush like rethoric " Either you are with JRC...or you are against us/a RW".
And that tells horrible about what a once true Democratic the nowadays Democratic Party had become.
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