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Profile Information

Name: iris
Gender: Female
Current location: living room recliner
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 08:32 AM
Number of posts: 23,324

Journal Archives

nice to know your sisters & brothers weren't murdered in cold hate.

what kind of Democrat are you? (& I'll be proud of a hide)

those Reps have serious cognitive issues. nt

My laptop is being difficult

so see you all when I can get to the library.

I spend a good bit of $ for salmon dog food

and this dog had a great time catching it

from Imgur & Facebook click the link to see almost 4min video.

I did not write that, I did not say that. You are in error if that's what you think

You are putting your words in my post. I did not imply that.
Again, Americans have a history of political assassinations, we need/recall to know that.
Your response is tells a lot about you.

do you know if it will wind up on CSpan/ n/t

go get golf clubs from a resale sports store

lighter,more force with a swing more painful connection, go for the knees then upper body. A bat is a backup. There are window screamers you can peel and stick on the frame and glass, they make so much noise that a neighbor will look and call the police when you're not there. Place security company signs on the window and doors, if you have basement windows, there are rebar type rods you can install from the inside, 2 to 3 for a window so the thief cannot kick it in and enter, but you can open the vent for air if you need it.
Obvious blocks will slow down a thief so they will go for an easier target.
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