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Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster

The 75th anniversary of the May 1937 Hindenburg airship disaster will be marked with a dinner gathering of airship enthusiasts and historians, followed on May 6 with the annual memorial service at the crash site in Lakehurst.

The hydrogen-fueled flash fire and crash of the German lighter-than-air civilian liner ended a dream of trans-Atlantic air travel, until the arrival of jet airliners a generation later.

Hosted by the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society, this year's events will include Dr. Horst Schirmer, whose father helped design features of the airship and is one of the last three people stil alive who flew on the Hindenburg, says Carl Jablonsky, president of the society.


It is Free Comic Book Day

For more information and a store locator.


Two Missouri players accompany a girl with cerebral palsy to prom

Sometimes there is a bit of good news about. Full story & some video at the link.


Few good deeds go unnoticed here at Dr. Saturday and today Missouri receiver T.J. Moe and quarterback Corbin Berkstresser are getting their well-deserved dues.
Last Saturday, the two Tigers accompanied Linda Watson to her senior prom at Fayette High School.
Watson, who suffers from cerebral palsy, loves Missouri football, so her teacher, Bridget Hussey, asked a friend in the Missouri football program if Watson's two favorite players — Moe and Berkstresser — would be interested in making Watson's prom special.
Both immediately agreed to be her dates.
"She loves those two guys and she's going to love them even more tonight," Watson's father, Dave, said.
The two players showed up in khakis and their jerseys and were greeted by the entire town of Fayette as they posed for pictures outside of the school. The three also took an official prom picture and did some dancing.

International Photography Hall of Fame moves to St. Louis

The International Photography Hall of Fame is moving to St. Louis.

The organization will bring with it thousands of historical cameras and images.

Those include iconic photographs like Alfred Eisenstaedt’s “V-J Day in Times Square," Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico,” and Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother" - all of which you can see above.


An interesting video on a photographer's passion

“This project isn’t about making images. It’s not about creating the world’s largest camera. It’s about doing what you love. If you had been searching your whole life for something you love, what would you be willing to sacrifice?” ~Ian Ruhter, from Silver & Light


Food Chain Trailer

There is more interest in food now than ever before, yet, no one is talking about the people who pick our food, the hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals to whom we are all connected through our purchases at supermarkets, farmers' markets and restaurants.

FOOD CHAIN explores the state of labor within the agriculture sector in the US and the immoral practices that affect the lives of countless thousands of farm workers.


I believe this is worth a few moments to watch.

In the Age of Social Media, the Customer Really Is King

The following is a guest column by Kevin O'Connor, the president of User Insight, a user experience strategy firm.

The idea of putting customers first is not a new one. In fact, it was the start of the 20th century when Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase "The customer is always right."

But customers have never been as powerful as they are today in the social media age.

The potential damage that can be done to a reputation on social media raises the stakes higher than they've ever been. A new era means new ways to collaborate with and serve valuable customers. It's time for companies to stretch beyond customer satisfaction surveys and stop relying on demographic research to determine how their brands should interact with their customers. It's time to start talking to customers, one on one, in order to understand who they are and how to wow them with a product or service.

Today, more and more companies realize they must spend time and effort to really get to know their customers. If one person has a bad experience, news travels at lightning-fast speed. They will post their woes to their friends, contacts and Twitter followers.

"If we knew someone had 50,000 Twitter followers, our call centers would escalate their call for support," someone once told me.

More at link

Albertsons LLC to Close 13 Florida Stores

BOISE, Idaho — Albertsons LLC here said Monday it plans to close 13 of its 17 stores in Florida, as well as a limited-line distribution center.

The retailer said it plans to operate the four remaining stores, which it described as its healthiest in the state. The four stores it will keep are in Altamonte Springs, Clearwater, Largo and Oakland Park.

The 13 locations set to close encompass two stores in Apopka and single units in Bradenton, Key West, Lake Mary, Longwood, Port Saint, Orlando, Sarasota, Valrico, Venice, Vero Beach and Winter Springs. All but the Key West store will begin liquidation sales May 9 and close around June 9, the company said; the Key West store, which will reportedly be acquired by Publix Super Markets, Lakeland, Fla., has already started its liquidation sale and is scheduled to close April 28.

The in-store pharmacies will close between April 21 and April 24, the company said.


Not very good news especially for the some 1100 soon to be out of work.

Albertsons Stores Cut Waste by 90%

LAS VEGAS — Supervalu-owned Albertsons announced that 30 stores located in the greater Las Vegas area, Henderson, Nev., and Boulder City, Nev., have diverted more than 90% of all store waste from local landfills.

Through recycling, organic composting and food donations, the stores combined to keep more than 21 million pounds of waste out of local landfills and donate 3.5 million meals to local food bank and hunger relief efforts in the past year.

At the end of 2007, the 30 Albertsons stores were generating an average of 1,588 pounds of waste each day per store, but today each store is averaging just over 100 pounds of landfill waste per day, a 93.2% reduction. Albertsons has thereby eliminated 978 full garbage truck trips annually to the landfill, equivalent to a line of trucks stretching five miles long.


Interesting, it appears that this business has made some great strides in a positive direction on this topic.

Self-Checkouts Has Lead To Increase In Shoplifting

Stores are increasingly adding self checkouts, which can make it more convenient for many people to shop and steal.

According to a USA Today Report, Walmart and CVS are among the chains adding self-scanning lanes. But at least two grocery chains Albertson's and New England-based Big Y have abandoned their self service moves. Both cited customer service as the reason, although Big Y says shoplifting played into the decision.

Theft intentional or not is up to five times higher with self checkout than when cashiers are working, says Malay Kundu, founder of Stoplift Checkout Vision Systems, which sells store video analytic software.

More at
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