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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,490

Journal Archives

Boy, did I screw up!!! Got a computer with Google Chrome OS

Took me 3 hours to figure out how to get an email that used to reside in foxfire...

APPS will be the hieroglyphs in the next millennium...

APES will decrepit them...and the planet of will not even be considered, unless it's of the humans?

Hope there is an easier way to get windows, than unscrewing my computer?

I have a conundrum...I will receive cat food that my cats hate

I forgot that I created a recurring delivery..before I discovered my cats hated that food.

It will be delivered on my doorstep, but I would LOVE for a local pet care place to retrieve it..

How can I make that happen quietly? Husband will not be pleased!

Husband wants kits to be fed food they don't like, as he thinks it saves on cat food!


I call bullshit on this scenario..Mom Kills Kids and Self

Investigators say Landrum put the two children in her Lincoln and drove north to Bay County, where she stopped at an industrial park. She picked a spot off the main road and that's when police say she shot Mikayla and DJ in the head, then turned the gun on herself.


Mothers kill their kids in their homes. There was NO ONE in the home to stop her if she wanted to kill her kids...why drive to some secluded warehouse?

Mother drives to some secluded location unknown to anyone in the family to kill her kids and herself?

I am sorry..I am calling foul!

What do you do when you have no options

My husband gets drunk and is extremely verballally abusive, but sober he is kind...

When he drinks, I drink...though I would like NO ALCOHOL ever in this house.

Unfortunately, he is drunk more often than he is sober, as am I.

I am trapped in this house, trapped in this relationship...

I am sorry I came here since there is nothing to be done.

Looking at all the game videos...what would a woman's game video look like?

All the videos are about killing...of course they kill the bad guys.

What would a woman do?

I suspect a person of the Colonial Parkway Murders

30 years ago...but how can I even send the information...not evidence to the police?

Husband loved a fighter pilot game, so for Christmas I bought him

PS4 pro but he hates the very idea I would purchase such a thing...

Not sure what to do..give it away to charity, or sell it on ebay?

Oh and Battlefield 1 was delivered today...now defunkt

Walmart, who can tap into all producers ran out of k1 kerosene

during a freeze across america? How did that happen?

Detroit has softened!

At 11;45 i heard a gun shot..i must have fallen asleep, because i awoke at 12;11 am and there was no noise..no gun shots..no noisemakers...only silence

Last year was gun shots all night..now nothing...praise to the police

Just before Christmas, when I was a kid of about 15 or so....

I was in a bathroom when a girl left her pocketbook on the sink when she went into the bathroom stall. I stole her purse and gave away all it's contents, including the money...I just wanted the purse, cause I was 15 and didn't own a purse.

I gave her driver's license to a friend, who got pulled over, and showed her license to the cop! I was sitting beside her, and she gave me up! Surprise! I Admitted to the crime, and went to court.

I told the judge I just wanted the purse, and everything just seemed to go away. Not sure what happened?

Anyway, that Christmas, under the tree was a beautiful purse! I still cry after 50 years!
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