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Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,493

Journal Archives

Many moons ago, I used to play 'SIM City'. Now I would like to see another simulator.

I am sure there is a simulator that could provide the stats based on...the white supremacist wet dream

Kick out all non born in the USA Hispanic persons.

Send all blacks back to Africa.

Deport all people of Mid Eastern (world not US) origin.

What is left, and how would this country fare?

My money is it would MORE quickly delve into 3rd world status...

Whites alone cannot support the United States...they never did!

What I live with right now

Somehow I got hooked up with a man I tried to get away from, who threatened to kill my family if I did not stay with him.

I believed him because he walked 20 miles to confront me after I tried to leave his ass.

Now after 40 years with the creep..I am 70 and subject to his drunken horrors

What he has done to my 'what used to be my home' is unbelievable!

Every room in the house is full of boxes and clothes, some to the ceiling!

How can one live like this?

I claim to need health support...he needs it worse! But How can I force it?

I was my family's scapegoat

I don't recall when I realized that I was the family's scapegoat, maybe when I was 60 or so, or maybe after my mother died?

My family (mom, dad, sister, and me) lived with my grandmother, who also had three children by my uncle (two of which may not have been his) whose mother plopped them down with my grandma.

I was the child who was bullied by all the kids...I just recall one time I was being particularly bullied into hiding behind the couch...I recall my mother saying "that's enough' as if everything before was just fine.

I ran away from home and went to court, and my mother told the judge I was 'incorrigible' and at age 13 I was sent to reform school.

I was the family scapegoat.

There is so much more, as I am sure some of you have experienced!

"Toxic Families Who Scapegoat" https://www.mentalhelp.net/blogs/toxic-families-who-scapegoat/

I think my mother was a narcissist?

I have two dell computers...one got stuff spilled into the keyboard

and no longer can function...the other had it's video screwed up...I want to transfer the video from the screwed up keyboard to the screwed up video

Can anyone advise?

I recall many years ago, there were 'Chat Rooms'

Do they still exist?

I have 3 credits from audible.com to gift the Comey book

IF you are new to audible, you can get the book for free as your first book.


I am offering to those who have no credits, but want to get the book.

Even newbies are welcome!

Does anyone remember when you became an unbeliever?

I must have been an unbeliever early in life... At around 8 years old I stole money from the candle offerings in church and used same to take the bus home and buy an ice cream.

I am not sure if I thought at the time to throw the money on the curb, or thought it after I got caught...can you imagine how the nuns thought of me afterward?

Edit: I was in a catholic school, and the church was beside and a part of the school.

Is there anyone who wants to stop smoking anymore?

Or have we cured humankind of that nasty habit?

If not there is a Stop Smoking forum that offers advise on quitting and trying e cigs ect.

Why not check it out if you want to quit smoking?


In defense of Amazon

I have used Amazon for many of my purchases..free shipping cause I am a prime member. Trust me, the savings on shipping has more than paid for my membership.

Twice or three times I had problems after hundreds of purchases, and Amazon refunded me.

I trust Amazon to do the right thing.

AND I love the Washington Post!
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