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Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,493

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I found a photo of Nixon's tattoo on Stone's back...enjoy!

I keep hearing about it, but couldn't find it, so I googled it.


Just a thought on the russia/wall connection?

What if, and this is speculation, trump wants to stop most drug importation from south of the border in order to facilitate russian mob importation of drugs?

I know the wall won't stop most drugs, but the push to stop drugs, cause we know trump cares nothing about folks who suffer from addiction, must have an anterior motive?

Just donated 25 bucks to hope for paws

And me a cat lover!

Ben Carson was part of the team who separated the brains of Siamese twins

A brilliant surgeon who knows NOTHING about housing!

Has anyone posted the Mississippi debate?

Or parts? Or anything?

What would the television coverage of the Pittsburgh funerals

have been different if trump had not imposed on their grief?

I will tell you what about rape...till all these folks have come out

I am thinking that I was actually drugged..I voluntarily drank beer, not knowing what the effects would be. I was drugged!

I was 11 years old...loved beer, had sips of beer, but never had an entire can...my (friend) said we should get in the car with my rapists.

They dropped her off and kept me...drunk beyond ability to do anything, they drove me around and raped me.

I wished I had the ability to not tell, but I was found by the police drunk, and laying in a a field...guess I should be glad they didn't murder me?

My mother told me to 'wash that filth off'.....wished she never knew

Man who raped me and his family came to our house to ask for mercy..mother said no way...boy did I feel guilty...wish I never said.

Went to court...they claimed I asked them to have sex...and said they thought I was 16...hell I was 11!

Court was hard as I had to sit on my hands as they lied about me...wish I was able to NOT be there..Not report...but it was outside my ability.

Because I was on my period, my doctor could not say if I was a virgin....but I woke up to pain, and saw the street signs which told the venue of the court.

I will Pre Order Woodward's AudioBook for you as a gift if you cannot afford the book.

I will Pre Order Woodward's AudioBook for you as a gift if you cannot afford the book.

I will need a good email address...even if you create one just for this book.

I will order 5 books (one to each) to folks who want the audio version, but can't afford it.

I currently have 2 available credits, then I can purchase 3 extras for a cheaper than monthly individual price.

I offered it once, then the second time I got no response..I have never even looked at the email needed to gift the books.

Let me know, as I can only do 5 books.

Email me your email address to my inbox

Thank goodness trump never went to Viet Nam

Based on his 'loyalty' to the US, one wonders IF

Promised lots of American cash, and of course saving HIS skin,
would he have guided the Vietnamese into American camps?

This, of course is speculation, but based on current events.
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