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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 55,771

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The Madness of King Donald of Orange: "Trump pledges lawsuit to block mail-in voting in Nevada"

President Donald Trump plans to sue to stop Nevada from issuing mailed ballots to all active voters, he announced at a White House briefing on Monday.

Trump had already threatened legal action earlier in the day, suggesting mailed ballots would make it impossible for Republicans to win there in the November general election. Nevada state lawmakers approved legislation on Sunday to automatically send mail-in ballots to voters. Gov. Stephen Sisolak of Nevada, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into law. Trump said he planned to have the lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The president has aggressively advocated for in-person voting in recent months even as state-level election officials move to expand mail-in voting amid the nationwide outbreak of coronavirus, which many fear could be easily spread at polling places. He stopped short of saying he would issue an executive order in response to the push for more mail-in voting, though he said: “I have the right to do it. We haven’t gotten there yet. We’ll see what happens.”


But Republican political operatives have embraced vote-by-mail, and a recent study found that it does not benefit one party over another.


This suit will be laughed out of court. I'm pretty sure that voting and how people vote in Nevada has already
been covered by the state's Constitution and its laws.

He is fucking nutz. President Donald Trump has threatened to sue Nevada. Please make it stop.

He has no idea or clue about anything. Presidents can not file a civil law suit against a state as far as
I know and I have watched a lot of Sam Watterson on Law and Order too.

Trump threatens to sue Nevada to stop universal mail-in ballots.

President Donald Trump has threatened to sue Nevada after Democratic politicians passed a bill that would send mail-in ballots to every voter ahead of November's presidential election in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, who has claimed without evidence that voting by mail will lead to rampant fraud, wrote on Twitter on Monday that the legislation approved on Sunday was an "illegal late night coup".

"Using Covid to steal the state," he added. "See you in Court!"


OANN's Chanel Rion...what a piece of work ... we had 1,244 die yesterday and she tweets this crap?


And she is lying about her "Harvard" education too.

Chanel's personal website makes multiple references to her "Harvard" education. As it turns out, she actually attended the Harvard Extension School, not the university. While classes are taught on campus, often by Harvard professors, the extension school is pretty much open to the public. I guess that means that the old men playing chess in Washington Square Park can say they went to NYU, since they overhear classes taught by professors who want to be fun and take their lecture outside in the spring. Love that for everyone, to be honest, although I'm sure Chanel would consider public and affordable


And her dad is a real peach too.

Well, this is definitely a reason to change your name. According to the Daily Mail, Chanel's father has gone by multiple monikers in the past, including "Christopher Preboth, Dan Ryan, Danford Nmi Dayn-Ryan, Michael David Ryan, David Michael Ryan, and most recently Dann O Ryan." He's been involved in dozens of lawsuits accusing him of defrauding investors out of millions by lying about properties, inflating their value, and then selling them dilapidated buildings. He also masqueraded as a lawyer, but uh, wasn't licensed to practice law in Texas, where he and his would-be clients were doing business.


Just a question

Do you think Adam Schiff has been feeding info to
Cy Vance?

Trump is so fucked.

A water beetle swallowed alive by a frog escapes through the butt Science News


About two hours before this video begins, this pond frog (Pelophylax nigromaculatus) ate a water beetle (Regimbartia attenuate). After traversing the digestive tract of the frog, the beetle emerges from the back end of the frog, alive. It’s the first documented example of prey actively escaping a predator through the digestive system.

America is now that water beetle and we are trying to get out of Trump’s asshole …. btw which is much harder because he wears diapers.

This AM we have the Madness of King Donny ..... none of what he tweets out is true.





Simple Rant

We would not be going through this shit if Hillary Clinton had not had the Presidenceney stolen from her and the
American people by Russia and their Republican collaborators.

How to TikTok AKA Sarah Cooper lives in Trump's Head

How many doses of hydroxcholorquine are Trump and ...

.... Kush-turd holding? I might be wrong for the first time in my life but I think Trump and Kushner bought a whole shit load of it in late 2019 & early 2020 and with a defeat looming they are trying to unload it. The word has gone out in the right wing world, push that HCQ shit.

The new meme is that people don't want "it" out because it works and that is good for Trump and so the liberals are stopping HCQ.

Columbus, OH (Clintonville): "The Beast" is here. This is a note from a nice little local eatery.

They opened back up about a month and 1/2 ago with very limited hours and all the safety they could do too. I would go there and eat outside about every other week. My son is in town and I was gonna take him there this AM. But this was on their home web page
this morning.

(Fauci was right no more restaurants.)

Friends of BLunch

We are temporally closing out of an abundance of caution.

We had more than one employee test positive for the virus.

We are delaying re-opening until we have everybody's test results.

We are scheduled to re-open Friday, July, 31st for carry out only and we hope to resume dining room service
on Saturday, August 1st.

When we do re-open, we will do so following the guidance of ODH and the CDC.

Take care and thank you for your support.

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