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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 20,209

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We All Know That The Repugs Purposely Drew Out The Proceedings Today So That The Vote To Impeach....

would have to be taken very late at night so that very few Americans would be watching the historical vote. Trump probably gave them instructions to make sure that as few American TV viewers as possible would be watching when the vote to impeach was taken.

It was a great move by Nadler to adjourn the meeting till Friday morning to mess up the Repugs plan.

It was funny to see Collins mug the cameras after that calling out Nadler for adjourning the meeting because the Dems were manipulating the timing of the vote.

Womp!!! Womp!!! Turn about is fair play!!!!!

And We Can Expect Durham's Report To Be What Trump Is Calling It......


Something That Puzzles Me About Trump And His Biden Investigation.....

I just don't think that Trump - by himself - even knew that Joe had a son named Hunter and that he was on the board of Burisma.

So how did Trump get turned onto that? Somebody had to put the bug in his ear. Was it Rudy? Was it Putin? Oppo research?

Who tipped off Trump in order for him to want to follow-up on that line of so-called investigation? I don't believe he's smart enough to come up with this on his own.

What Was The Catalyst That Got Trump Talking About Toilets?.....

Did he just come up with this toilet flushing talk on his own or did some lobbyist put a bug in his ear?

Is A Wall Street Transaction Tax Still Being Talked About And Considered?......

I don't think I've heard much about this lately. What's the story?

I Hear Trump Wants The Dems To Get Impeachment Over With Fast......

I say - 'slow walk the impeachment'.

I believe that there is more damning evidence out there. We need to get to the bottom of the Rudy business; Parnas testimony and Nunes involvement.

In my opinion - the more damning evidence that can be included in the articles of impeachment - the harder it will be for the Repugs to defend Trump. They will be and should be backed into a corner to impeach Trump.

Trump wanting this over fast is to prevent additional evidence to be included and to force the trial into the Senate where - right now - he knows that the Repugs will stick with him yet.

After that vote - where he would beat impeachment - he will be embolden to break any law that comes along. We will be screwed.

If he wants impeachment to get over with fast - then he has the power to do that. He can 'resign'. That would end things rather abruptly for him.

I doubt that that is what is going to happen.

So my vote is to 'slow walk the impeachment'. Don't rush to a Senate vote because he wants it.

That's A New Excuse.....

it's the Dems that are abusing the power.

A Dumb Question About Madam Secretary.......

What's up with the neckties that she wears as the President? Is this a new trend or fashion statement? Does she sell neckties like Trump and is she trying to make money off her Presidency? Is it an attempt to be modest because she's a woman President? Does she have something wrong with her neck? Just curious?

Has Anyone Come Across Letters To The Editor From Former Trumpers.....

that have decided to drop Trump?

I have to believe that some people that supported and voted for Trump have broken away from Trump and have written a Letter To The Editor of their local paper.

When I was traveling recently I saw such a letter and now I'm sorry I didn't keep it.

I think it would be nifty to post such letters here at DU so we could learn why people have moved from Trump and use their words/letters to convince other Trumper's to drop Trump as well.

What a better way to turn 'deplorables' but to use words from one of their own to get others to see the light.

It would be good if we could post such letters here so we all could use them to turn additional 'deplorables'.

I Wish Someone Would Take The Time To Put A Repug Organization Chart Together.....

I would love to see an organization chart of how the Repugs function in this highly partisan environment in this country.

Included should be:

the Repug Think Tanks
the RNC
the Conservative Media (...Fox News; Right Wing talk shows; Hannity; Rush; etc
the Trump Administration
the Evangelical's
the Corporate lobbyists
the rich 1%
foreign influencers (i.e., Putin; the Saudi's; Bibi; etc...
the Repug Senate
the Repug House
retired Repugs

I would like to know just how their talking points are created and how they are distributed and just who reports to who. Who really makes all their decisions; and just who directs the Repug Party? Is Trump really the leader?

Does Fox News take the lead or who do they get their marching orders from - Trump?; RNC? Think Tanks? etc......

I think of their organization as an elaborate propaganda machine that has been functioning for years and making a concerted effort - through small imperceptible changes - in individual states and in D.C. - that collectively come to the apex we are experiencing now with the current administration.

Wouldn't it be an interesting exercise to put together such an organization chart?

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