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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 21,366

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Does Trump Know That 100% Of The People That Died From Covid Are....


The Imagery Of Trump Coming Down The Escalator To Declare His Running For President Has Always....

perplexed me.

Trump being the showman he is - one would have thought he would have gone up the escalator to declare his presidency. I think he blew it right from the beginning. What he told us by going down the escalator is that he was going to take America down with him. In the past 3 1/2 years we've witnessed that take down.

Now its like he's attempting to go up the down escalator to get re-elected but in fact he's fighting a losing battle. He's losing ground. He's descending further into the abyss. And as he descends - he's taking us - The American People - and the country down with him.

In my mind - he sunk further down last night at Mt. Rushmore.

I'm still sick to my stomach from listening to his disingenuous and insincere speech last night (that was my mistake - listening).

I don't feel much like celebrating this July 4th. Not a very happy 4th for me.

I Don't Have Access To MSNBC or CNN - What Are They....

saying about Trump's speech?

How did it go over with them?

His Lies Are Marching On.....

He's trampling out the vintage where he speaks with wrath and scorn.

I'm sorry - after listening to his disingenuous speech I don't feel very patriotic tonight. Actually he made me sick to my stomach.

What Is Melania Wearing?....

What's that image on her outfit?

And To Think I Used To Like Lee Greenwood....

Now I cringe everytime I hear God Bless The U.S.A.

Does Trump Even Know What's Going On In This Country?....

He's touting all the achievements of the men on Mt. Rushmore. If somebody had to speak of Trump's achievements it would go something like this:

He cheated his way into the presidency and was elected with foreign help. He spent 365 days (1 year) on the golf course of his 4 year term. He divided the country every chance he got - speaking only to his deplorable supporters. He neglected the greatest pandemic to ever effect the country and watched as well over 100,000 Americans die. He turned his nose to health experts and their advice to end this pandemic and as such put Americans in greater danger. By his incompetence he set unemployment records. He hid in a bunker in the White House as Americans marched in the streets protesting police brutality and then turned the military against those same protesters and ordered tear gas to be used on them. He neglected acting on intelligence provided to him by his intelligence agencies that told him that the Russians were paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers. He thought he was the greatest American president ever.

I don't think he knows about or believes one thing that he read in speech.

Rah! Rah! Rah!

And now the fireworks. Smokey the Bear is turning over in his grave.

I Beginning To Think Trump Wants To Lose In November....

The other day he was talking about a depression if Biden is elected. I think he knows that the bottom is going to fall out in the economy. I don't think he wants the blame so he's throwing the election. Why else would he be pissing so many voters off.

If Biden wins and the Dems take the House & Senate - and if he and the Repugs know the bottom is going to fall out - he and the Repugs will jump all over the Dems like you never heard before. We'd be hearing him saying - 'see I warned you' and 'if you would have elected me this wouldn't have happened'.

Do you realize Trump would even be elgible to run again in 2024 if he loses in 2020. Imagine that campaign.

The Lincoln Project might even be a double agent group helping him along. They might see a scheme like this will not mean the end of the Party. The Repugs would have their 'economic issue' with which to run on.

I realize that this is really a far out conspiracy theory. But I don't know of any other reason as to why Trump is making himself look so bad.

Now I know people here will say he doesn't need to do too much to look so bad.

But some of the things he's been doing and saying defy belief.

I Wonder If The People That Refuse To Wear Masks.....

protect their computers from virus's?

Notice By Trump Going To Mt. Rushmore For A Fireworks Display & Rally That He Will Be Visiting....

one of the last areas of the country where Covid-19 hasn't made that big an impact. That State and the surrounding States have had to deal with the least amount of the virus crisis.

Now granted - they are not as populous as most States - but shouldn't he leave those States alone and not chance taking the spread there?

We know that his supporters from the surrounding States will make the trip just to see him. Again he's putting lives in peril by his actions. I doubt that they'll be wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

Another accident waiting to happen.
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