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Member since: Sat Mar 20, 2004, 11:37 AM
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Journal Archives

A job rejection notification

Let's say one receives a boilerplate email or letter (usually email) that says "We have reviewed your application and credentials and, unfortunately, we are not moving forward with your job candidacy at this time. Best of luck in your job search." or something to that effect. This one is copied from one of those many emails I received years ago, other people may recognize this email as well, lurkers too. And I can honestly say, receiving this over and over again when bills were piling up and at a time when I was a new young adult trying to make my own life was truly dehumanizing. Today, I am employed at a place where I am loved and it's a thing I love doing, but it was a struggle back then and there was something I touched on in my own head a while back and I am very glad I did and today it's something I wish to fully articulate...

The person who sends those kinds of emails is usually white and/or male. (Full disclosure: I am white and male myself)

The person who originally designed it was probably white and/or male.

The person who made the ultimate hiring decision to hire not-you was probably white and/or male.

The person who knows you are applying to this job, it may even be a minimum wage job with zero benefits that you are genuinely willing to do and may actually be (over)qualified to do (yet you still need to eat), but said you are not worth the time or effort to employ or train was most likely white and/or male.

I know I've never received this email in Spanish or any dialect thereof and I never received one that said "Best of luck in your job search. Allahu Ackbar." I doubt anyone else here, at least in the US, has received it either.

But somehow it's the immigrant's fault or the ethnic minority is behind it all, right?

Trump can't be President of the "many sides"

Especially considering when one of those sides flies a flag of secession, worships a nation and it's leaders which broke apart from our state and waged war against it, seeks to be servile to Putin, sees college-educated Americans, liberal Americans, Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans, Transgender Americans, and Americans who protest against them as targets and the 'other' who is an enemy.

Trump can choose between being the head of state of this one side or he can choose to not have the office of the President tainted by his words and actions (or lack thereof).

This is the choice we all need to put out there for him, his supporters, and for all of us as well.

Infighting, running people in red areas, etc. doesn't matter if we're not fighting *It*

Not the Stephen King book, but very similar. We have a critical social problem in this country, and while I can not define what It is, I can give you all examples of this thing, this syndrome if you will, you have seen it, or something similar to what I am about to describe, and some of you may deny it completely, others may that it does exist and is a fringe thing, it has without a doubt become normalized by the recent 'election' and processes afterwards.

It is...

Somebody agreeing to every. Single. One. Of. These. Images. Simultaneously.

People who would rather have unemployment, an opioid crisis in their neighborhood, alienation, and I don't think it's that much of an exaggeration to say they would scratch out their own eyes than be "bossed around" by some college liberal and/or minority.

A person who says they actually think it is better (For some unexplained reason) to be shot by a "Jason Dalton" as opposed to a "Muhammad".

The politicians and media which attempt to shame people who want healthcare and education for all as unreasonable and even insane while normalizing the alt/far right and three percenter-types who view "Punishment Park" as an instructional video and viewing them as partners or associates.

Cheering on tax cuts you will never benefit from and sending death threats to a woman (and her young son) who posts a medical bill showing how her family benefits from the ACA because you are convinced that you are "temporarily not-rich" and the sick is simply the "other" that you are sure you will never be.

These people and institutions who push GLBTQ-Americans as predators just waiting to strike, Muslim-Americans as potential enemies, the millennial American as "killing everything", the college educated American as worthless, and the liberal American as horrific while pushing an autocrat in the Kremlin who invades allies, murders dissidents, blows up a civilian airplane, and slings polonium as our greatest ally.

Notice how I didn't mention Trump, that's because It is bigger than Trump, with his administration and all the double standards and attempts to normalize what is going on as just another manifestation of It.

Going forward, we have to out-organize It, we have to debunk and discredit tropes and cliches associated with It, we have to defund and find ways to destroy institutions which push It, and while we have to vote against It when this system is pushed by people and issues, if we're not finding ways to resist and mitigate It in a multitude of ways every day starting today, then we're not going to win ever again. Period.
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