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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,059

Journal Archives

That prick read that list because he knew how sick

she was...


I'm a horrible human being...

So I had this Trumper in the office today. Usually I don’t engage politically but he did, about he and his wife are hoping to attend a rally.

I leaned over the chair and I said conspiratorially, do you know your wife is a tall blonde, and I guarantee you that if Trump saw her in the crowd and wanted her, without doubt she’d go off with him. I’ve seen this happen with otherwise so-called happily married women with professional athletes who they meet at a store or restaurant while their husband was at work and the athlete doesn’t play until that evening.

He was stunned: He had never thought of that before. When he looked up at me I simply nodded my head quietly. I then went back to work fixing his teeth.

I feel terrible about this...


I do!!!!

Seriesly. (Sic)

How much Xanax is he on this afternoon?

He must’ve received some very bad news today.

Some people are saying his “member” is going to fall off by itself. Many people, actually.

I have a plan for Trump's retirement in a few months:

He can become the spokesman for what will be formerly called “Home Depot”, which will have changed its name to “Home Despot“. He’s already color-coordinated. It’s perfect. The founder is A RWNJ, the staff there is unhelpful even when you can find them, no one ever picks up the phone and everyone there fixes the blame rather than fixing the problem. He will feel right at home, and as a plus there’s always a fast food restaurant within 200 yards, easily traveled to by golf cart.

I'm going to write a thesis on "Turd Mentality"

It’s pervasive in this administration. They just take a giant shit all over everything and anything that’s normal and generally accepted as such.

The one good thing about this is tgat we now have an official list of the worst people living in the United States. Just download a list of the appointed individuals in the a Federal System by QAnon 45.

Every time the so-called First Family is mentioned I think of

this car in my parking lot:

Am I nuts?

Well, don’t answer that...

But doesn’t the Taj Mahal Casino, that ridiculously garish failure of Hair Furor’s, look like the Kremlin, which probably arranged the financing?

And for an extra kick:

Oh shit. Monsieur Creosote is coming here to the Nat'l Constitution Center

in Philly.

Traffic warnings in effect.

(Gratuitous Monty Python reference)

60 Minutes on soon. Thoughts or predictions?

The nation is at a crossroads which will determine its short and long term fate in a few weeks. Every story, every day is a “big f*****g deal”.

Two female Trump voters in a row yesterday!

I probably have a fair number of Trump voters in my practice, but most know better than to discuss politics with me if they’re right wing. I’m not exactly sure why, because I don’t telegraph too much to people, but this fortunately has been the case for many years.

But yesterday, my first patient of the day, a 45-year-old female of the Caucasian persuasion, a former model, very gentle and fragile, with a very bad series of marital histories, asked me for whom I was voting if I would not mind telling her. So I said quite explicitly that since Trump was destroying the country at every level and every fiber of his being, I was going to vote for Joe Biden. She nodded, and said that she did not particularly like Biden and she was going to vote for Trump AGAIN (emphasis mine). And then she quickly added, I hope I didn’t upset you. My reply to her was it’s not so much that I’m upset, but somewhat surprised that a woman who has been through what she’d been through and are so emotionally sensitive to other people’s’ needs would vote for him for President of the United States. Amazingly, she did not contradict me or assert anything other than with a nod. Of course I just let it go at that point since I didn’t bring it up in the first place.

Second patient, also Caucasian but 85 years old, quite with it, quite the well-read individual, Jewish, who started her life in a row home in West Philadelphia and became rather well to do from her marriage to a prominent physician, proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things that Trump had done for the country. Being that I Can be quite chameleon like, I hastened to add “enthusiastically” and for Israel too of course! She nodded her head and I commenced my dental work upon her.

Objectively, both of these women are attractive, lovely to talk to in all other respects, well educated, well comported, otherwise seemingly humanistic and other-oriented, and yet…

I have known both of them for a total of 72 years, and quite frankly had no idea at all whatsoever that they held these political views. It just goes to show you that there is a hidden mess of these voters out there even where you don’t expect it, and I will say one thing about both of them which is consistent with my theory of female Trump voters and that is that they were both abused in various ways during their marriages. For that you’re going to have to take my word but They were. It is very common for me to see this Connection, and although from a scientific standpoint it is certainly not proven, I have very strong feelings that identification with the aggressor is a very big part of his Fanbase. On this level, I see this is two personal tragedies, and in a crazy way,a loss for me personally.
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