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Gender: Male
Hometown: NY
Member since: Tue Dec 30, 2003, 12:41 AM
Number of posts: 35,967

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The playful nerdiness of Warren's dancing is actually one of the shrewdest weapons in her arsenal

If you find Elizabeth Warren's adorable goofball dancing 'inauthentic', ask yourself why

I often think about sexism in politics the same way I think about how inhaling New York City air is bad for my lungs. The pollution is so revoltingly pervasive, calling it out seems futile to the point of ridiculousness. But then, every once in a while, there is an example of gender bias that is so egregious, it reveals the odorless carcinogens poisoning the air. It only makes sense that the most recent addition to the mass grave of canaries in the coal mine of the Democratic primary would be Elizabeth Warren dancing.

... Dancing is a pure expression of personality. Devoid of the political, explicit reactions to Warren’s movement on stage makes for something like a Yanny v. Laurel indicator of whether the observer might be predisposed to frequencies of distrusting women.

...In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that I paid $10 to RSVP to the rally at King’s Theater, and that I have been excited about Warren’s candidacy since I got to interview her during Rise Up For Roe two summers ago (when she stepped up to fight Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court in August 2018, before the nation met Christine Blasey Ford). In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that my heart beats for that brilliant goofball running on big, structural change and the belief that the best bet for democracy is inspiring the public to participate in it. In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that I am sick of accepting that the sexist default of political scrutiny is “just the way things are.”

The playful nerdiness of Warren’s dancing is one of the shrewdest weapons in her arsenal. Warren’s decades of experience studying and then fighting the causes of bankruptcy make her confidently authoritative to an extent that is typically unacceptable for female candidates. Instead of protecting herself with defensiveness, she insists on her right to ambition using an endless firehose of joy. Her apparently infinite energy sends up a forcefield that shock-absorbs the barrage of hatred unleashed on all women vying for power, forcing the stealthy undercurrents of sexism to expose themselves for what they truly are. To the toxic forces viciously devouring female ambition, Elizabeth Warren shrugs, and says, “Welp,” with perfect comedic timing...

Posted by BeyondGeography | Sat Jan 11, 2020, 05:41 PM (1 replies)

Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart - Morning Dew

Posted by BeyondGeography | Sat Jan 11, 2020, 01:06 AM (1 replies)

DMR/Iowa poll: Down goes Buttigieg

Posted by BeyondGeography | Fri Jan 10, 2020, 07:02 PM (31 replies)

Warren calmly deals with NH protester: "It's time for you to leave."

Posted by BeyondGeography | Fri Jan 10, 2020, 05:45 PM (19 replies)

Majority of Americans favor wealth tax on very rich: Reuters/Ipsos poll

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The idea of imposing a wealth tax on the richest Americans has elicited sharply divergent views across a spectrum of politicians, with President Donald Trump branding it socialist and progressive Democratic presidential contenders Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders prominently endorsing it.

But it may have broad public support, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that found nearly two-thirds of respondents agree that the very rich should pay more.

Among the 4,441 respondents to the poll, 64% strongly or somewhat agreed that “the very rich should contribute an extra share of their total wealth each year to support public programs” - the essence of a wealth tax. Results were similar across gender, race and household income. While support among Democrats was stronger, at 77%, a majority of Republicans, 53%, also agreed with the idea.

... The results may reflect how the economic changes of the past roughly 20 years, from globalization to the financial crisis, have shaped attitudes about economic policy.

According to polling by Gallup, concerns about the rich paying too little actually declined through the 1990s and early 2000s, a relative boom period for the United States. But the concerns have been climbing since the crisis years of 2007 to 2009, from 55% to more than 60% as of 2016...


Posted by BeyondGeography | Fri Jan 10, 2020, 04:50 PM (0 replies)

Sviatoslav Richter - Grieg Piano Concerto, 3rd Movement

This is just a snippet, complete with an interruption that you Norwegian (I think) speakers will understand. An odd clip, but it’s rare footage of Richter playing with utmost intensity at Bergen in 1968. He was one of the greats, and, for many, the best ever.
Posted by BeyondGeography | Thu Jan 9, 2020, 01:39 AM (3 replies)

Spartanburg SC Mayor Junie White endorses Sen. Warren

Spartanburg Mayor Junie White has endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee.

Although polls show former Vice President Joe Biden with a more-than 2-1 lead over the second and third highest favorites Warren and Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, the Democratic mayor said Sunday he believes Warren has the best chance at defeating Republican President Donald Trump in November.

"I just think she is the right candidate," White said. "She's a very independent woman, very smart woman. I like her ideas. (Trump) is going to be hard to beat, but she has a very good chance."

The South Carolina Democratic primary will be Saturday, Feb. 29. It is the fourth nominating contest in the Democratic presidential primaries...

Posted by BeyondGeography | Mon Jan 6, 2020, 03:35 PM (7 replies)

Democrat Elizabeth Warren plans Flatbush rally with Julian Castro

FLATBUSH — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren plans to bask in a recent big-ticket endorsement at a Brooklyn rally on Tuesday. She'll appear onstage at the Kings Theater alongside former primary rival Julián Castro.

When the doors open for the event at 5 p.m., spectators will not only see Warren — a leading candidate in a crowded, if narrowing, Democratic primary — but also one of Castro's first public appearances since he dropped out of the presidential race last week.

Castro, a former Obama administration housing chief and mayor of San Antonio, endorsed Warren in an online video posted Monday. He issued a statement which called Warren, a U.S. senator for Massachusetts, "the most qualified, best-equipped candidate to win the nomination" and defeat President Donald Trump, a Republican.

Warren's and Castro's joint appearance will briefly bring the up-for-grabs Democratic race to a grand stage in Brooklyn. The Kings Theater at 1027 Flatbush Avenue is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. More information can be found at Warren's website.

Posted by BeyondGeography | Mon Jan 6, 2020, 02:30 PM (4 replies)

WaPo: What it's like organizing for Warren in one of Iowa's most rural counties

Lengthy feature and a great read:

EAST AMANA, Iowa — Anna Navin stepped out of her Honda, grabbed a large pink backpack from the passenger seat of her car and knocked on the door of Glenn Goetz, a 68-year-old retiree. Navin, a 28-year-old organizer for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was meeting with Goetz to see if he would take on more duties as a precinct captain, including knocking on doors in other nearby communities and helping recruit volunteers.

... Many Democratic presidential candidates, such as former vice president Joe Biden, former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), have robust organizations. But among locals, Warren’s organization stands out...The stories about Warren staffers in Iowa and how far they go to sell her candidacy regularly circulate among rival campaigns, eliciting both eye rolls but also grudging admiration. “It’s like, where did they find these kids?” marveled a longtime Iowa Democratic activist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she endorsed another candidate in the race.

...Since June, Navin has put more than 12,000 miles on her car on behalf of Warren. She’s met the politician just a handful of times, mostly in passing. But on a Saturday morning in September, Navin was out knocking on doors in Williamsburg when her cellphone rang. The call was from a blocked number. Taking a deep breath, she answered.“Happy birthday!” Warren called out.

Navin froze on the street. Clutching the phone, she listened as Warren thanked her for her work. But the candidate also wanted to talk business. She had just released a new Social Security plan. “She just started giving me talking points … my plan is going to do this, this, this and this. And I was like cool, cool, cool, thanks for the talking points because I’m actually knocking doors right now,” Navin recalled...


Posted by BeyondGeography | Sat Jan 4, 2020, 04:07 PM (1 replies)

Charles Pierce: This is the best speech I've ever seen EW give

Watch when you can. EW really gave us a great close to 2019 today. She is clearly ready to roll.

Happy New Year to my fellow Warren supporters.
Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Dec 31, 2019, 04:54 PM (4 replies)
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