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what legislation is needed to bring about social justice

This is a continuation of a thread a few days ago. I keep getting posts reported so I get locked out of my threads.... I am somewhat new so I will be more careful - I am not here to disrupt. I work with a few smart middle class blacks, although I am aware of racial profiling (i'm Mexican), as well as the quicksand pit of poverty (ahem class) comprised of social/economic hardships (losing cars due to no insurance, harder legal sentencing on average etc please tell me more).

someone alluded in my thread that I need to "educate myself" for the laws that need to be passed to bring about a just level of social justice. this is a tough topic to research so maybe someone can point me to a few prominent talking points.

democrats might ignore trump voters to our peril

yes, 80% of republicans (that's a wide net) support trump - this is no surprise. IMO some of those 80% are rich/misinformed/family ignorant or sheltered. I would guess that less than half of the trump supporters are outright racists. Considering the number of whites in the US, under these assumptions maybe 30% of them are racists. other conservatives are exposed to them as friends and family members and they exchange ideas among each other, maybe in an insular area due to where they live. this link outlines trump's republican approval rating and it's shows 76% approval, but it may be outdated. what about the 24% that disapprove or have no opinion?


conservative media has an overreach in the US. stories of gun violence are given a lot of coverage in some media (breitbart maybe), while other stories get little coverage at all (some white guy went into NY with a sword and stabbed an older black man - I think I read about it only here, but I don't read daily beast or whatever).

speaking as a POC (i'm Mexican in Tx), i have also seen instances of prejudice. however, in a political climate of having to deal with some republican racist and *non-racist* voters (and politicians!), consider that some of them have valid (yet personal) concerns about tax policy. they also have concerns about where that tax money is spent. this is the state of affairs. dems have to be able to debate with them and maybe even concede a little in order to get our policy started.

i read a little about the some medicare proposal in another thread and the concensus is that it would never be passed. maybe that's right but also maybe after 2018 we lose enough seats for an actual attempt at privatizing SS. dems need to regain as much power as possible now. i'm commenting in another thread about which issues are more prominent - social or economic? take a moment to consider this statement: the powers that be will use social factors (racism) to perpetuate their system of economic injustice. that is not stated well, and maybe i need to read a little and rephrase it. how many whites died on the side of the union in the civil war? there is no division or infighting here. dems are on the side of justice. POC please remember that a 40 year old today grew up in a time with parents who could remember segregated areas (at least in TX). remember the extent to which racist behavior is learned, and consider that fact when deciding which strategy to apply to the democratic party.

if the democratic party is ham-handed about introducing racial justice legislation the RW establishment will jump on it and use it as a wedge tool. that doesn't mean I don't support social equality legislation. on the contrary i'll take it a step further and claim that a reparations law should be considered where means-tested blacks should be given free access to college. in the meantime, please at least keep open a discussion *against* RW strategy. I am not peddling RW smears i am only outlining their opinion as i see it. maybe i'm ignorant - what social justice issues require legislation today?

edit: please note i am not suggesting courting trump voters - only instead to lead with public policy that makes sense to the deceived trump voter. i believe some outwardly strong social legislation (C16 bill in Canada) will allow them to be duped - again!
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