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As a fellow Boomer, you know this: apparently our work here is NOT done, but we do know how

I Can't Believe I Am Still Protesting This Shit, but there you have it. We know what to do as citizens, so let's get cracking.


Absolutely not. Tokyo Rose was an obvious propagandist for Japan in WW II...

....with a soft and friendly voice beamed directly at US troops in the Pacific from our deadly enemy, attempting to undermine their morale with a combination of fake news, concern for their wellbeing, and propaganda. Can't remember if she also played popular tunes for them. I believe she was a US citizen who got stuck in Japan by the outbreak of the war. 50 years later we find out she was coerced, but she did do our enemy's bidding. Go google.

Kellyanne is a whole different kettle of fish: malignant, a master of the Gish Gallop, all the subtlety of a jackhammer, and she is not being coerced. She herself is the enemy, of her own free will.

I will take credit for starting to call Thom Hartmann "Tokyo Rose" here at DU. I'm being consciously sarcastic, but in a very specific sense. There is no joke at the end of this post.

Thom is someone admired and trusted by a certain segment of America, and he is broadcasting from the studios of a country that is our sworn enemy. Up to a point, I see how he and a few other Americans got there in the first place: the smiling face, the offer of the hand of brotherhood, the Cold War is officially over, the paycheck.

But Putin's Russia is now revealed not only for what some of us knew already, but as an entity that is actively trying to destroy the government of the US as well as that of democratic European nations.

Russia effing bent our presidential election. What the Hell is Thom Hartmann doing still taking their money?

Just saying: I don't use the term lightly, and I'll always be careful to whom I apply it.

They were Not Our People. Agents provacateurs. False flag operation. Sabotage.

In short: assholes there to discredit a peaceful protest by Democrats.

Los Angeles 750,000!!! SoCal rocks! Peaceful, great vibe, so jammed we could hardly move

My area, Santa Barbara, sent 11 charter busses, and I saw more contingents from Ventura. I saw a group who came from Nevada. This is a BFD.

I had SB group signs to follow, and my friend and I made sure to stay in sight of them as we worked our way along the route, buffeted on all sides like molecules in Brownian Motion. Because of this I ran into at least half a dozen friends of mine, all old campaigners from the BushCheney years. We have work to do, and we are ready.

There were a lot of great signs, but my favorite was: "I Can't Believe I am Still Protesting This Shit."

It was a fantastic experience. Onward!

The setlist, from the Rolling Stone article

Bruce Springsteen White House setlist (via Backstreets):

"Working on the Highway"
"Growin' Up"
"My Hometown"
"My Father's House"
"The Wish"
"Thunder Road"
"The Promised Land"
"Born in the U.S.A."
"Devils & Dust"
"Tougher Than the Rest" (with Patti Scialfa)
"If I Should Fall Behind" (with Patti Scialfa)
"The Ghost of Tom Joad"
"Long Walk Home"
"Dancing in the Dark"
"Land of Hope and Dreams"

I am no longer interested in Hartmann's criticisms of Dems or prescriptions on how we shd proceed

What is his excuse for being Tokyo Rose?

Drafting American sons and daughters is one sure way to get The People's attention right quick....

I'm truly sorry, but I concluded that during the BushCheney admin. As long as it's someone else's relative, and as long as there is such a low percentage of Americans serving, foreign excursions are just too easy to ignore -- especially by young people. My generation's outrage helped bring the Vietnam war to an end, because so many were dying and everyone was at risk from the draft. Well, nearly everyone -- must remember TANG.

Military coup? Absolutely not. That in itself would be the end of us. It has to be a civilian ....

...solution: it has to come from Congress.

It boggles the mind that so many who are opposed to this impending "strongman" government are themselves looking for a "strongman" to rescue them. That's not a road you can travel down to save democracy.

Squirrel! Always look behind the smokescreen.

Blessings to the Admins and good luck to them. They are up against something unprecedented...

...and whatever happens here will not be their fault for lack of trying.
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