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I don't think anyone has any idea. For one thing, he's not acting alone...

There are GOP members of Congress who want these things done. It's not like he signs an Executive Order saying the Earth is flat -- instead, he is giving the GOP and RW their wish-list, which they will be loath to overturn. I think we are stuck.

But as my doctor said last November when I told him I felt gobsmacked and gut-punched: "Just wait two years." Our best hope is to GOTV (starting now)in every corner of the country and elect a new House and a couple more Senators, without doing anything stupid like primarying random Democrats already in office.

Is Pence as clean as he looks? Is there anything on him? I mean Spiro Agnew was....

...a lifelong petty crook who took bribes even after he became veep, so the GOP got rid of him first. That's how Gerald Ford became Vice President, and when Nixon resigned, Ford became Prez.

We've been so focused on the line of succession depending on vacancies that we have not given any thought to having Pence depart first -- if there was anything on him.

I just thought of it this morning.

It wasn't voter fraud, because the voters didn't do it. It was election fraud. OTOH, he did tell us

....that the election was rigged. It turned out like all his other accusations: he pointed the finger at others, but the rest of the fingers were pointing back at him. All the corruption he accused others of was that of himself, his donors, and his Bannon base.

Trump doesn't give a rat's ass if his lies "undermine his ability to govern the country"....

....because governance is foreign to his whole being. Trump's an emperor! He has a YUGE business empire! He can bellow "You're fired!" and it will be done!

Mad King Donald in his Golden Tower doesn't know where he is in reality. He has no idea how elective office works.

I can hardly wait until he gets some members of Congress in the Oval Office and tries to fire them. He'll be beside himself when that fails to work.

What will be really interesting to watch is Benedict Donald firing his Cabinet members and other appointees. He can fire them. It'll make Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre look like a picnic.

You're talking about line of succession due to vacancy. When Agnew was forced to resign, Gerald Ford

....Gerald Ford replaced him (his colleagues, shaken by the scandals roiling around Nixon, reportedly approached Ford and said, "Jerry, search your soul," meaning did he have anything dark lurking in his own closets). With Gerald Ford as Vice President, they were then free to go after Nixon full bore. That's how Ford became President.

I'd be delighted if they could find something on Pence, starting now.

The Mad King listens to the voices in his head

When the End Times come, American fundies who love Israel expect all the Jews to either convert or

...be consigned to Hell. So no problem there. The important thing is the real estate, i.e. the Holy Land.

Yes, I am being sarcastic, but that's the essentials.

As expected. The thing is a political football until we get a solid majority in Congress

As it stands now, it only exists by Executive Order. Clinton came in -- no global gag order. Dubya came in, reinstated it on the first day. Obama repealed it. Trump puts it back.

I was so upset when Dubya did it I almost drove off the road. Now I understand the situation better -- women's lives are just a fcking political football.

So Democrats who stayed home in Obama's midterm election cycles and allowed the House to become what it is now can slap themselves upside the head for me.

That word has been rattling around in my head, too. It's completely apt for Mad King Donald....

Who's he going to keep around for Jester?

The original intent of "age of majority" laws was to protect youngsters until they matured

It was not perfect; nothing ever is; but it's easy to see why full legal adulthood used to be 21. Even without sophisticated modern analysis of how the human brain develops, our ancestors could easily observe behavior associated with that development. Among Roman Catholics, the age of First Confession is 7 y.o., in line with development of an ethical/moral sense of the universe. First Communion is at age 12, in line with another stage of maturity. And they figured this out centuries ago.

I have seen laws seesaw in my lifetime, always under some kind of public pressure. Really, alcohol should not be sold to teenagers, nor should tobacco. I put pot in the same category. It's just too easy for the young brain to become addicted to substances that by and large are simply recreational/occasional for full adults.

So you ask why I as a Californian supported both measures. As regards cannabis, the "war on drugs" applied to pot has done nothing but fill our prisons for no good reason. Prohibition of alcohol also failed miserably. Treat cannabis like alcohol, is my opinion.

Tobacco should not be banned, either, and for the same reasons. But because the Big Tobacco companies knowingly have peddled their addictive product to youngsters as young as 10 (see: Joe Camel) I really would not grieve if they were forbidden to advertise. Every time consumption of their product starts to drop, they come up with something else. Currently it's vaping. They try to get them very young because studies have shown that if a person gets to 21 without cigarettes, they very likely will never smoke at all.

The least we can do is protect the majority of children and young adults by making it illegal to sell them recreational drugs until the age of 21. Education has helped a lot, but so does the long arm of the law.

As for the age of driving -- my goodness, you certainly are throwing in everything but the kitchen sink. Same thing: brain maturity.

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