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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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All I had to do was google it.. turns out we're not the only ones who feel this way.

Here's one of them.. Happy Christmas, ailsagirl!


Perfect, rivers!

I really believe in

the back of my mind that all is not lost, either, and your quote from Ghandi perfectly illustrated it by bringing in some history.

I liked this pic too.. I got it by googling Mele Kalikimaka.

Thank you again for the quote..

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end they
always fall -- think of it, always
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mahalo, cal WOW! That was Brilliant!

Silly to be repubs.. they stand for nothing but destruction..

The Rockettes could wear Pantsuits!

Merry Christmas, treestar!

To link the two events.. pic and the Tweet standing up for Russia

as not the "HACKER" Yesterday.

Jill Stein: There's no evidence that Russia tried to help Trump win


Not so old.. yesterday.

Truth! And, Marcus lays it out with FACTS.. So glad I saw this!!

Oh I see I snagged the snip you did from the article.. guess I'll go get another one or more...

Russ Feingold, Wisconsin


Of all of the candidates Sanders lent his support and fundraising arm to, perhaps the most high profile was Russ Feingold, who was seeking to return to the Senate in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a Midwestern state that is nearly 90 percent white, which makes it a great testing ground for whether the white working class in a Rust Belt state would truly be responsive to Bernie’s message. Feingold championed Bernie’s platform, and his campaign website made bold promises of opposing trade deals, opposing special interests, promoting a $15 federal minimum wage, and advocating for debt-free college.

Zephyr Teachout, New York


These counties are outside the city and lack diversity—most of the counties are over 90 percent white. Most of the counties here are demographically similar to Feingold’s electorate in Wisconsin. With Sanders support, you would think that Teachout would glide into Congress, especially if the white working class was largely favorable to leftist economic populism. Teachout ran against John Faso, a strident supporter of the 2nd Amendment who opposes rising federal spending and derides the additional regulations on Wall Street imposed by Dodd Frank. Surely, Bernie’s platform would appeal to the white working class and push Teachout over the top? Nope—she ended up losing by a margin of 9.4%.

Prop 61, California

In the state of California, Bernie pushed voters to support Prop 61. Prop 61 would have mandated that state agencies pay no more for prescription drugs than the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Sanders went as far as to publish an op-ed in the LA Times saying that a vote for yes on Prop 61 would be “standing up to pharmaceutical greed.” He said that a win in California could “spark a national movement to end the pharmaceutical industry’s price gouging.” Sanders campaigned throughout the state, pushing for the measure. You would think that if Sanders’ platform had any shot, it would do well in California, a state that just elected Democrats to a supermajority in the state legislature and home to some of the most liberal politicians in the country. Clinton won California by a massive 30 percent margin, so at least Bernie got Prop 61 passed right? Wrong—Prop 61 lost 54-46, by an 8 percent margin in a state that Clinton won overwhelmingly


I could keep going on causes and candidates that Sanders supported—such as Sue Minter for Vermont Governor, or Ted Strickland for Ohio Senate—but I felt that the examples above were prominent and sufficient enough to make my point. In Sanders’ bid to takeover the Democratic Party post-election, he has been very loud talking about his platform and economic populism. But he has been very quiet about how his platform actually performed this election.

Thank you, brave!

And, this Open Letter to carl paladino is the best antidote after

reading his stupid tripe, Maru..


"120 years ago, they said the same vile shit about your great-grandmother. Dark, Catholic, Italians were not the most beloved immigrants by white Protestant Americans."


Beautiful pic of our First Lady Michelle~

"120 years ago, they said the same vile shit about your great-grandmother. Dark, Catholic, Italians

"120 years ago, they said the same vile shit about your great-grandmother. Dark, Catholic, Italians were not the most beloved immigrants by white Protestant Americans."
Exactly, Chasstev! Grazie!

Hope the racist idiot reads it.
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