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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 257,611

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Fuck you, members of the media.

Fuck your constant pursuit of ratings, of quarterly profits, of giving this tinpot cumdumpster a platform with which he can influence a large part of our country

Fuck you for buying into the idea that racism should be afforded an equal platform with equality, for calling a Nazi anything other than a Nazi.

Fuck your smarmy think pieces attempting to normalize a new hegemony, fuck your cowardice in the face of totalitarianism, fuck your CEOs and VPs and executive producers who are willing to feed the innocent to the depraved in order to forestall their own demise.

Fuck you for not doing your job.

That was cathartic.. thank you, Fast Walker!

Meanwhile.. Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald unite to dismiss Russian hacking story

Jonathan Chait
✔ ‎@jonathanchait
Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald unite to dismiss Russian hacking story http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/12/glenn-greenwald-tucker-carlson-unite-to-dismiss-russian-hacking-allegations.html
12:15 PM - 29 Dec 2016
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thank you for this, Skidmore!

Excellent advice to con-way, Nance.. while putin is showering adulation China

is already mocking..

People's Daily,China
✔ ‎@PDChina
Meet the pheasant-elect: Bird sporting 'Donald Trump's hairstyle' soars to internet fame in China http://bit.ly/2frXVfK
11:58 AM - 14 Nov 2016
2,664 2,664 Retweets 2,945 2,945 likes

Excellent graphic, pbmus! Mahalo

I met Rod Serling once a long time ago.. that's how close I get to the Twilight Zone. Now we're all in it.

Good god she sounds stupid.. she has no fucking idea that

those who turn down dump have too much integrity to perform for that..

Just like after the election when Hillary was winning the Popular

Vote by a Million.. drumpf was tweeting that there were a Million illegal votes.

Now she's won by almost 3 million and he's shut his chicken hole up about that.. except to lie that he's won in a landslide.

We have a gd pathological, lying sociopathic, Predator select.

I think at the time they were shouting RIGGED to de-legitimatize

Hillary pre-emptively in the event she won.

Now it's gone down the gd rabbit hole as far as they're concerned.

And, of course, the m$media****** won't utter a peep.. they own this.

But, we shouldn't forget it.. thank you, mac!

Thank you, bigtree! This is really nice of you! If you don't mind I'm going to

copy and paste your tutorial here and put it in my Journal so I'll have this to refer to when I'm ready.

Looks like a lot of good insider info that's gleaned through lots of Tweeting.

"The main benefit of twitter and tweets is the links to substantive things. It can outstrip GOOGLE and allows you to focus your searches for news and events according to your interests.

Most users understand that the one-liners serve as headlines or intros to whatever they link to in the tweet. Properly set up, following only those sources that you trust and are truly informative, your twitter feed can serve as your own personal google for leading or breaking news. Your twitter page can read like a personalized news reference.


First, get all signed up and stuff...

Then, make a list of public folks you trust and like (media folks, activists, entertainers, etc.) and either search Twitter, or the net, to see if they have a Twitter account. Then go to their Twitter page and follow them by clicking on the 'Follow' link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

After you follow a few folks, go to the main twitter page and that will reveal your personal 'feed' with tweets from the folks you chose to follow. Sometimes you get comments about news events, sometimes comments and a link to what they're referring to. Sometimes you get a relevant pic or a pic of an official statement. Sometimes you get a retweet from them.

Hashtags (#) are automatically linked and can take you to a subject or issue specific twitter feed, like #MalaysiaAirlines or #Flight17.

News is mostly specific and directed to a source with a link. It's more focused and can be a really good news feed if you 'follow' the right sources. Also, objectionable sources are mostly invisible. Set up right, following the right sources, it can be uncluttered by bull. Comments to tweets are hidden and only accessed by expanding tweets.

You'll have your own personal page where everything you tweet and retweet will appear. There's also a page where replies to your tweets are listed, along with notifications of folks who choose to follow you or 'like' your tweets.

Tweeting can be a bit more complicated, but just sending a tweet out is cake. Just write it down in the box provided and click on 'tweet.' Beyond that, there are several techniques which you can use to include other tweets inside your own, but that will take some time and practice (not hard) to master. Posting pics from your computer is a breeze, and you can also post a pic of text to get past the character limit.

Remember, your twitter feed is only as good or productive as the folks you follow. You can also check on the folks THEY follow and discover even more like-minded people to follow. By networking your tweets you can both increase the folks following you, as well as the folks you choose to follow.

I really hope I helped. I encourage you and anyone else reading to jump right in with both feet."

And, Mahalo for the youtube instructions!

Did you see this @ the link, Riff?

People's Daily,China
✔ ‎@PDChina
Meet the pheasant-elect: Bird sporting 'Donald Trump's hairstyle' soars to internet fame in China http://bit.ly/2frXVfK
11:58 AM - 14 Nov 2016
2,664 2,664 Retweets 2,945 2,945 likes

What does Russia say to them about their mocked puppet? "..Knock it off, China"?

Agree.. fighter!

"Trump is so corrupt that if Democrats controlled even one chamber of Congress, he'd be done before he even got started," tweeted Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.

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