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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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To expound on your Moore/Assange buddy pic, Sid..

Michael Moore needs to study Jane Mayer's findings.. even though it doesn't fit in with his narrative.

Jane Mayer was very busy this weekend - yes, the Russians stole the election for Trump


(Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, has denied working with the Russian government, but he manifestly despises Clinton, and, in a leaked Twitter direct message, he said that in the 2016 election “it would be much better for GOP to win.”)

There he is with his buddy now.. wonder when that was taken?



Thank You!

Inside Michael Moore's Smear Campaign Against the Man Who Helped Build His Film Festival

With Traverse City Film Festival facing financial instability, Moore’s attacks on the credibility of Boston Light & Sound’s Chapin Cutler and his former executive director Deb Lake are raising eyebrows.


Now he's trying to "smear" President Obama and Hillary right before the 2018 Midterms.

M.Moore can FUCK OFF.

Mahalo, JI7

I agree.. the Rude Pundit is Dead ON.. I don't care how many

try to spin that shite.
Thanks Sid

This shows from a sociopathic asshole he is..


Michael Moore says we should "Embrace" this Idiot..

“But I think we have to embrace Trump,” Moore said in the interview. “People reading this will say, ‘What do you mean? Embrace Trump?’ But we have to embrace him. We have to listen to him. He’s telling lies, and he’s telling the truth at the same time"


But, M.Moore also says trump is like "hitler".. so why should we "embrace" hitler? Or the fucking moron?

"In new film, Michael Moore compares Trump to Hitler. And he's not so crazy about Obama, either."

"I've come to the conclusion that the old guard of the Democratic Party is a greater roadblock to social progress than Trump"


Yes, it should.. And Lying about It and hiding

behind the goputins who won't release documents on you.

Hi Smirky.. tweet on Kav running to faux news for whatever..


Because we all know that Sean Hannity is THE authority for spreading facts.


Michelle will "sit down" when she wants to. Don't come for Michelle unless she sends for you..

Hey rad!

Another good In your face, tomi..

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