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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thank You, Nance!

Mahalo for Hillary's quote letting America Know who

trump was/is. She knew.

Good point I hadn't even thought about..

When he'd rant about athletes making millions and disrespecting the flag, I'd say he should be glad they make millions because wages are taxed at triple the rate as wealth is - and you exist on their tax dollars.

Nobody disrespects the Flag like Lying Fraud does.

The Athletes are protesting the way so many Black Americans are killed.. not the Flag.

Oh and President Obama used to say.. we don't need a small gov or large.. We need a smart Gov.. and that's the last fucking kind of gov the goputin is.

So brainwashed your cube-mate.. to the point of the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.


Yes! Thank You, George!

"Establishment"= Well Established with Excellent Experience!

While President Obama and his Admin went

about their business of doing their jobs admirably.. trump officials have to huddle to strategize, who inside their walls, is outing the sociopathic craziness of the Russian agent.

trump is beyond stupid if he never thought his insanely evil intent on the USA would not have repercussions.
And, that tweet is from August 2016.


Hillary has been invaluble in helping

leaders like Andrew Gillum, Stacy Abrams, Ayanna Pressley, and so many others.

That poster has no idea what the future would be like if Hillary were in her rightful place as Madame POTUS. Just attempting to paint a negative picture.. Now who does that remind you of?

This is reality.. We wouldn't have Russian agents running our government/country into the ground. Fucking putin wouldn't be calling the shots. Those Kids and Babies wouldn't have been Kidnapped out of their parents arms. We wouldn't have all these shite for life ASSHOLES on SCOTUS.

The planet wouldn't be in such jeopardy.. We'd have our Allies, Canada, England, France.

The country wouldn't be going bankrupt from trump and his psychopaths stealing it blind. Taking away healthcare from people who need it.. it goes on and on.

But, oh some poster says Ayanna wouldn't run if Hillary were in the White House, where she would be if the Russians and their gd stupid enablers didn't steal the election.

Joan Walsh is so absolutely Correct!

I argued at the time that progressives, defined broadly, had in fact won the night: It’s ridiculous to define women like Whitmer, who supports a $15 minimum wage, gun-safety legislation, and Planned Parenthood funding, or Native American lesbian Obama administration veteran Davids, as merely “establishment.”
This time, the script is flipped, but the divisive storyline is the same.

I argued, too.. and so did many others around here. Just because they weren't BS/AOC backed didn't mean they weren't very Progressive Candidates. Even as their opponents tried to paint as the ol stale epithet.. "establishment"!!

But again, that’s the wrong takeaway from an exciting primary. Gillum was an early Hillary Clinton surrogate and convention delegate whose victory is first and foremost due to the hard work of African-American Democrats, the backbone of the party. The “Gillum beats the establishment” storylines are creating a false narrative, maybe even intentionally so.

I say "intentionally".. nobody could be that obtuse. And, we've had years of experience with the US "media******".

...but the media wants to give all credit to Sanders. Somehow, they are managing to frame his win as divisive, when in fact it holds the promise of ending the unnecessary schism between “identity politics” and “economic progressivism.” Gillum, by the way, didn’t have to be “pushed left” by the Sanders forces. Like a lot of folks who supported Clinton (myself included), he was already there.

That's what I've said about 75 times.. Andrew is a Uniter Not a Divider. He's doing his best to dispel the M$M divisive tactics.

But on Morning Joe, he resisted the Sanders-clone framing and “didn’t back off his economic progressivism in the slightest, but he presented it as pragmatic and solutions-oriented,” Sargent observed.

This is an important OP, she.. Thank You and Joan Walsh.. who says the Biggest Winner on Tuesday night was Bill Nellson(Florida and the country!)!

I still say Andrew but it's an important point.. Andrew can mobilize his coalitions to come out strong and they'll be voting for Bill Nelson, too.

Bonus Tweet from MrWeeks on LO'D quote....


Yeah, Don Lemon and Andrew Gillum.. I'm going to go

ahead and trust my eyes, Don Lemon's & Andrew Gillum's

Oh, and LO'D!

Of Course, she! Spread Andrew's word.. That he was

so besieged by the BS thing that he had to make it clear to Don Lemon that NO..
patriot: Joan Walsh
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