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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,575

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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to whomever

Andrew Gillum didn't make a "mistake"..

you did, THR.. You're Not welcome.. butting it with your purity bullshit.

Look at this idiot..
We "expect" that Andrew Gillum, progressive Black mayor of Tallahassee, has a chance to be the next Democratic Gov of Florida.. while you're stewing about fucking fake purity.

What if the Men in White Coats come to get


Kavanaugh thinks he's "above the law", too.

The pResident is a fucking idiot the world over.

Mahalo, Nance~

Make it VIRAL!

Same page here, SunSeeker. I thought of

just using this one the other day.. like to see those MFrs try to steal this..

The shaka sign, sometimes known as "hang loose," is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii, and surf culture.




Judd Apatow Tweet..


UNBELIEVABLE#HillaryClinton was First Lady, senator, Secretary of State, 1st woman nominee of a..

Yes, Reality based people/Liberals need to run for the Board of Education in Texas.

At least Hillary is in good company with Helen Keller and so is Helen Keller.


I don't care for the way BS has conducted himself since

the 2016 election. He was out there on tv Nov 16, 2016 calling my Democratic Party the party of the "elite".. and making it all about himself. When so many people were hurting from the stolen election(not knowing at the time).

Bernie Sanders 'deeply humiliated' Democrats lost white working-class voters


Washington (CNN) Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed his disappointment Monday with Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the support of white working-class voters in last week's presidential election.

Donald Trump "very effectively" tapped into "the anger and angst and pain that many working class people are feeling," the Vermont independent senator who challenged Clinton in the Democratic primary said on "CBS This Morning."

"I think that there needs to be a profound change in the way the Democratic Party does business," Sanders said. "It is not good enough to have a liberal elite. I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to where I came from."


Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Losing Status, Not Economic Anxiety, Study Finds


White working-class economic anxiety is a zombie idea that needs to die


The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class


That's just one example of his gratuitous insults to our Party SINCE the 2016 "Election".
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