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Perfect!! Thanks, highplains!


I trust what Congresswoman

Eddie Bernice Johnson has to say about this, having been there, than those trying to tear her down with their own agenda.

If progressives are honest with themselves, they would concede that the bill also included money to fight violence against women, an assault weapons ban and other long-standing, popular progressive talking points. Federal dollars were made available to local communities to hire more police officers and resources to track sexually violent offenders, too

Another is Johnson, who this week endorsed Biden for the party’s presidential nomination. She is a testament as a lawmaker of having to deal with ambiguous complexities of criminal justice policies in the heat of the moment, standing by her convictions and not wavering with the revisionist political winds.

Here's something else BS said at the time..

He voted in favor of at least one amendment allocating more money for prison funding, though 49 Democrats voted against it, including now Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the current House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerrold Nadler of New York. The amendment gave $10.5 billion more in grants to states for prison construction, a feature that remains one of the bill’s most contentious legacies 25 years later.

“On balance, its positive initiatives to control crime outweigh the negatives,” Sanders said in an August 11, 1994 speech on the House floor, according to the congressional record. Eleven days later, Sanders was quoted on the front page of the Burlington Free Press calling it "a step forward for Vermont and for the nation in addressing the horrendous problem with crime and violence.”


Thanks, betsuni

I think you're right, quickesst! Booker's gone from

this guy to what he's doing now. I think what he said in the NYT tweet is especially vile.

Cory Booker is sworn in as a U.S. senator in 2013 by then-Vice President Joe Biden. (John Munson |The Star-Ledger)

For Cory Booker, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy

WASHINGTON — For Cory Booker, peace and love has given way to confrontation and criticism.

Booker, trailing in opinion polls and fundraising, has taken aim at former Vice President Joe Biden, the early frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

For almost a month now, he has leveled attacks on Biden that are getting more personal — ignoring the rest of the Democratic field as well as his own campaign mantra of emphasizing a positive vision for America

But in being aggressive, Booker runs the risk of losing the brand that made him a contender in the first place. His new stance isn’t sitting well with some fellow Jersey Democrats.

“If I was asked to give advice, I would say, ‘Cory, I love you. Stay away from doing this,’” said Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-9th Dist. “'You have enough good qualities. You may get a few more headlines if you do it that way. It’s not worth it. It cheapens your own campaign, period.”

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-12th Dist., said she worried that confrontations between Democrats now will provide ammunition to President Donald Trump later.



I'm so grateful to

Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson, Texas, for endorsing Joe Biden!

Eddie Bernice Johnson’s courageous stand for '94 crime bill shows she’s wiser than her progressive critics

Thank You, Rep EBJ!!

Mahalo, TexasT

"This is pretty bad.. "

Thanks, Goth

Yeah.. I didn't want him to "bow out"..

until he started getting ugly in his attacks. This one is particularly nasty.
You're Welcome, oasis... Aloha and Thank You!

I know.. it's like the Twilight Zone,


Joe Biden has been honored for his work for Civil Rights and championed them for his entire career.. so Booker throws an ugly personal insult at him and brings ******* trump into it?!

All these disingenuous attacks from Booker only makes me realize that I don't l like him. Cory's getting noticed for all the wrong reasons.


ETA~ Biden on Harris' attack..

Biden's full quote, with sarcasm at the end, about why people thought @KamalaHarris came off stronger in the first debate: "I was probably overly polite in the way I didn't respond to an attack, 'You're not a racist'--which is a nice thing to say, really reassuring."


Yes, Biden had to respond to Booker

with Facts.. he couldn't leave that hanging..

Mahalo, apple

Thanks for that tweet, Skya.. Team

Biden had to respond to Booker's negative attacks with the Facts.. you don't leave something like that hanging.

I just thought of something about Booker.. his girlfriend is evidently Rosario Dawson, who advocated for Jill Stein, in the General Election.. so I wonder if she's giving him any idea about how to attack the front runner opponent?

Rosario Dawson Joins Boyfriend Sen. Cory Booker on the Campaign Trail — for the First Time


Just a thought.

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