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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"But for Booker, it was too little, too late. It does not benefit his campaign if African Americans

look to the future. It only serves him if they continue to look angrily at the past."

From your link.. Thank you.

lol.. Oh Look de Blasio has

picked up a buzzword.. "status quo".. when he's not comparing Beto to trump..

That's what many of us have been saying here..

Black and White!

It seems Booker thinks the only way he can inch his way up from the bottom tier of contenders is to knock the front-runner out of the way. So as the second Democratic debates approach this week, he has allowed his desperation to take over.

Blacks and many other Americans are more concerned about the divisive words the man currently occupying the White House is using today. They won’t be sidetracked by taking up a cause that has no bearing on crucial issues the country is facing right now.

Thank you, Dahleen Glanton!

Thanks, wyldwolf

Oh Cool!

Bill Nelson and Bob Graham headline a list of new endorsements for Biden in the Sunshine State, which also includes state Sens. Jason Pizzo of North Miami Beach and Lori Berman of Lantana and former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.

You just reminded me

of something she said about her primary opponent after she had won the primary.

It was reported she said it on tv.. she had already won and she was smearing her former primary opponent.

Here's the tweet from Sherry Campagna..
This is Vetting.

A Gabbard tweet.. omg..

No it doesn't "sting".. she's a tool.


A side of Assad and Gabbard in a nutshell..

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard 'skeptical' that Assad regime behind gas attack


The lawsuit was one more example of how Gabbard, 38, is not like other Democratic presidential candidates: She's a proud veteran, but one who harshly attacks U.S. military operations. She joined Republicans in criticizing President Barack Obama for not using the term "Islamic" in condemning terrorism. She has downplayed Robert Mueller's special counsel report into Russian interference in the 2016 election and has resisted calls to impeach President Donald Trump.

I don't think it's too big a deal that she got over 100,000 donors, though.

Yeah, so horrible... going after

his strengths in the most disingenuous ways. What a powder keg.

Thank You for pointing out that..

Biden's leading with POC because of years of his own record and doing an excellent job as President Obama's VP.. so many of us haven't forgotten that.. Black and White

He(Biden) can step in and become President.

Someone who is independent enough who can pushback and give me perspective and catch any blind spots I may have..

Somebody who in his heart cares about the American People and the American Dream and is willing to fight for them as hard as he can


Wow! Wonderful pic of the

two of them.. much Brighter Days, highplains!

Thank YOu!

Oh yeah.. I googled

that but nothing came up.

Another thing that did come up was.. "12 hours ago Bernie Sanders apologized for voting for horrible crime bill.. "

This is what he said then.

He voted in favor of at least one amendment allocating more money for prison funding, though 49 Democrats voted against it, including now Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the current House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerrold Nadler of New York. The amendment gave $10.5 billion more in grants to states for prison construction, a feature that remains one of the bill’s most contentious legacies 25 years later.

“On balance, its positive initiatives to control crime outweigh the negatives,” Sanders said in an August 11, 1994 speech on the House floor, according to the congressional record. Eleven days later, Sanders was quoted on the front page of the Burlington Free Press calling it "a step forward for Vermont and for the nation in addressing the horrendous problem with crime and violence.”


Bernie Sanders has dodged criticism for crime bill vote while others have not


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