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I was never wondering, Doc..


Thanks, emulatorloo!


Gawd.. you nailed it again, betsuni..

I like the way you think

You're so right.. BS gives trump voters a pass..

Sanders defends Trump voters: I don't think they're racists, sexists or homophobes


Thank You!

Every Presidential Canidate should follow Elizabeth

Warren's lead.



HELLO! No one has a problem with

releasing All their Tax Returns Except BS. It's About Transparency!
Oh and..
Dolores Huerta Endorses Kamala Harris

“I have spent my career advocating for workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and on behalf of the LBGTQ community because I believe our country is only as great as the opportunities we afford all our communities,” Huerta said. “Senator Kamala Harris is the right leader to expand those opportunities as president, and I am proud to endorse her.”

Huerta also praised Harris, whom she’s supported in the past, for fighting on behalf of and giving a voice to the vulnerable — and singled out her work on criminal justice reform and for immigrants, ranging “from creating innovative programs to help first-time offenders get education and job training to avoid recidivism, to demanding that California and our country protect immigrant communities and afford them the opportunity to fully contribute to the country they love.”

For Harris, who since ascending to the Senate in 2016 has prioritized shielding immigrants — and specifically the Dreamers — from deportation, Huerta is an important validator, and not only in her home state of California — Huerta comes from a Mexican immigrant family and was raised in Stockton — but also neighboring Nevada, which stands to provide its winner a boost of momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

Huerta, a past recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights, has been active in California politics for decades. She was on stage with Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles the night he won the primary and was later assassinated.


Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles! It's big in Las Angeles!


As of this writing, Evans’ tweet had a ratio of 963 responses to just 33 likes, a sure sign that his tweet caused offense, whether he intended to or not.

Yes, "seriously", Dave Evans!

BS is insulting People's intelligence

We're quite capable of voting for candidates of substance without his continuing reminders about their skin color, sexual orientation, and gender.

This was in his launch speech..


Pres Obama is a man of the People..

Mahalo, Yo!
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