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Wow.. WTH were they thinking?

Or were they?
Thanks for this, Durham!

Mahalo for Manjy Jay's Tweet, Lotusflower!


It's reported that "justice democrats" did it..


Yes, I read it was "justice democrats"..

Where did you see it was justice democrats, RB?

I hope they get Exposed if they pulled this shite.

The Video was edited..


NO.. Nina Turner Does NOT "speak truth to power"..

In fact she's full of it.. Nina promoted Jill Stein's Fucking LIES and she doesn't know the damn difference between a patriotic Dem and a Damn fucking repub.

And, BS brought this Divisive person on board to co-chair.

Mahalo for this, MrsCoffee..

I will pass it on when needed.


The Bernie Sanders-inspired Our Revolution has cut ties with group president Nina Turner's personal consultant, following a public airing of anger from board members and staff over past anti-immigrant and pro-Donald Trump comments.

Last Friday, Turner told POLITICO she was "really surprised" to hear the groupís board of directors had complaints about Our Revolution. Earlier this month, however, board members blocked Turner from promoting Figaro to be the group's chief of staff. They had compromised then by allowing Figaro to stay on for a few months as a consultant.

"I do have purview over staffing, and thatís just it," Turner said on Friday.

But Turner's decision to retain Figaro had led to ongoing complaints, in public and private, that she was betraying the values of the progressive organization.

Nina Does NOT know the Difference Between

Dems and fucking trump repubs.

She's a poor choice.. she and BS are too divisive.

omg.. see all the shite I miss!

Knowing ol Nina the way I do.. she was lucky to get donuts and water. Whine on, Nina. they sure as hell didn't need any coffee.

Mahalo, lapucelle!

I guess Not!

Thank You for clarifying the Difference between Wolves and Foxes, betsuni.

This was in 2017 when our Dems were out there on the Front Lines Fighting for our very Lives.. and getting knocked down every which way.. but the patriots persisted!

The Country sure knew the Difference between Dems and repubs when there were 45 red House seats Flipped to BLUE in the BLUE WAVE Midterms of 2018. Giving our Nation a better chance to get out of Russia's Fascist Grip on us.

And, we still have so much more to go.

Jeeze.. pay attention Nina!

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